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Wednesday, 24 July 2013

Birdhouse ATC Card

Hi Folks. Hope you are all well and busy crafting away.

My latest card creation for all to see was made using the items opposite.  (I left out the Versamark pen from the photo oops!). Sea foam White Embossing Powder, Stencil Tape, Post-it note masks, Heat Gun, Ink Duster, makeup sponge, copy paper (torn in half to make hills) 3 ATC's from the set I got from Clarity Stamp  I used Pitch Black Adirondack and Archival Brilliance Pearlescent Crimson ink.

I used the complete set of stamps from Lesson 18 - Birdhouse set from Clarity Stamp (I was determined to use every stamp).

The picture is of my sample sheet for my records as the full set comes with the Bird table already mounted while the other stamps in the set are re-mountable.

I keep my Clarity Stamps on sheets of acetate once I take a sample print then store them in A4 poly pockets in a large binder

I keep all my other clear stamps in A5 pockets and binders

So what did I do.......

Friday, 19 July 2013

Clarity Stamp Challenge # 5

The challenge for July is 'Oh I Do Like To Be Beside The Seaside'. 
My entry is dedicated to all of you crafters who like me won't get away for a holiday this year.  I have to admit that the best time for me on holiday apart from taking a lot of photos, eating lots of food that I don't usually eat and of course the Vino! is the Sunsets. I make sure wherever I am on holiday be it in this country or abroad that I take a photo of a sunset every night.  I have seen some amazing sunsets in my time and they are just so relaxing.  So this is for YOU for when you do get one.


I used the Clarity Stamps opposite for the
main image combining the colours from the Big and Juicy Soothing Sunset ink pad with the Plum Archival ink pad.
On this occasion I started on the sunset background.  I tore a piece of copy paper lengthwise, using a ruler so that it would be rough but not hilly and placed this over my white card.  With the yellows in the large ink pad, brayer and splodge mat, I went over the area on the horizon a few times. 

I placed a large circle for the sun roughly in the middle of the card then I continued with the darker colours in the ink pad working down from the top to the horizon.  I then removed the sun mask and  using an ink duster and a mixture of blended Archival Plum and the yellow from the large ink pad I placed a few strokes across the sun to give it a bit more atmosphere.

I then covered up the sky and worked on the sea with my brayer and the Plum Archival ink.  Next I stamped the birdcages then the palm leaves.

Using my bigshot and spellbinder label dies I cut out two labels and gave them a two-tone look to go with the sunset.  I stamped the Happy Holidays  from Clarity Stamp Happy word set onto the labels.  I then cut two small pieces of burgundy satin ribbon through opposite holes in the labels before attaching to the card.

I made a backing paper using the same colours as before but this time over stamping with the small ocean swirl stamp

Silly me forgot to take a photo of this before I put it all together with double sided tape.


Thursday, 18 July 2013

More Embellishments in Metal

These are just a selection of Metal (Foil) Embellishments that I will be using on my Christmas cards this year.
The leaves are great for adding behind any kind of flower and the thicker the foil the better they will stand up to shaping and of course postage.
I have a good collection of them now in metal and also in various colours of vellum (to make them look even more delicate.)  So glad I have a supply of little bags to keep them all organised.

This Fairy has very delicate wings and the Die comes with another piece so that you can cut out just the shape of the main wing and attach it to the back.  This of course can be anything from card to vellum, plain or patterned.

These are just two of the scrolls that I will be using also.  I have them in metal, card, acetate and this year I am going to try to shrink some of them (the one in black is shrink plastic)  I think I may have to do this one in the oven....will let you know how it turns out.

Finished Landscape

 Hi Folks!  So here is the latest landscape in inks from me.  This one is on Canvas and it is all done with stamping.  More specifically Clarity Stamps
Handmade By Emma Burns

I have only used two inks and my ink duster to achieve the shading that I wanted along with the help of copy paper to make hills.  I also used my splodge mat to blend the black archival and the blue distress ink to give a more distressed feel to the sky.
I am pleased with the effect on the canvas paper as from a distance it looks like snowfall especially on the larger trees to the front. 
The canvas measures 35 x 20 cm

Busy Busy, Craft! Craft! Craft!

Hello folks, Once again it has been a bit quiet from me on the blog front...I have been checking in on you all and you seem to be very busy too but still have time (or remember to post).  There is so much to do it seems.  What with people going to crafty get-togethers (not jealous you lot with Clarity Stamp I'm not), lots of Christmas cards already done and you have all sorts of projects on the go and me what have I been doing.....................

I started on my Christmas Card Orders and then got side-tracked by an order for Stencils, then it was Key Rings and then I finished a piece of artwork and was asked to do another then I remembered that I had promised myself that I would get my competition card for Clarity Stamp in early and I have a Birthday Card to do for this week.  So before I get any further I'd better post some photos to make this blog a bit more interesting................

Lets start with Snowflakes.  These are all cut out from Parchment and I will use them to add to my Christmas cards.  I have used them before and are very quick to do...I've got about 50 done now, I can sit comfortably in my chair with my feet up doing the piercing and the cutting. I usually layer them on little squares and put them on DL cards...usually with a metallic charm. As for the Christmas tree, that was done using an embossing board and then piercing all around and then cutting out with parchment scissors.  It looks even more delicate when all the pale parchment is gone but you have to lose the dots.  The blue snowflake is from a stamp that I have and I just stamped it in black on a bit copy paper, taped my Parchment to it, then traced over it with my ball tool, pierced the inside and the outside edges and cut out with parchment scissors.

I have also in the past made myself some stamps to be used at Christmas, I am so glad they worked out as they were a bit fiddly to do but worth is as I can now have a die cut and a stamped image on the same card if I want.

I have also been cutting out metal embellishments for various card projects but I will post photos of them in the next blog.  If anyone out there is interested in how the stamps were made (if they don't already know) give me a shout and I will get a post done for them.  Happy crafting Everyone!

Monday, 1 July 2013


Congratulations to the winner of the Clarity Stamp Challenge Blog (MR & MRS )
Card No. 15 by Elaine Shelley

The Top 5 Favourites which were chosen by the Clarity  Stamp Design Team were as follows:  No. 13 Dawn Lawson, No. 26 Julie Dunn, No 44 Doreen Sympson, No. 50 Carol Hansen and No. 52 Maggie Johnson.

Well done to you ladies, look forward to reading about you all over the coming month.

If anyone reading this blog would like to enter the competition, the details and rules can be found following this link

Happy crafting everyone