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Crafty hugs to all!

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Traditional Christmas Card

A bit of a traditional card now.  I was having a bit of a play with my new Holly Sprigs stamps from Clarity Stamp and I decided that making a frame for my card was the way to go with these stamps.  So that's what I did.
I stamped the framework onto a piece of A5 Theuva Card using Memento Northern Pine Ink Pad. I then went around using 2nd generation ink.  I then went around again using Memento Northern Pine Ink Pad.

I then stamped in the children on the sledge.  I used a bit torn copy paper and stamped over the edge of this to give the effect that the sledge is weighted down in the snow.  I did the same process for the trees and the hedge in the background.  I also used torn copy paper and makeup sponge to  mark in little areas and to give the sledge a hill to run down.  I then added Diamond Sparkles - Fairie Kisses ( I know that's not how you spell fairy but that's how it's spelt on the tub) to the trees, hedge and ground.
I also coloured in the Berries with a Cardinal Red ProMarker which I then used clear Glossy Accents on to give the berries a shine.

I trimmed my image down and I used a piece of the scrap to stamp Happy Christmas (northern pine)and also a Holly Sprig (olive grove). I shaded a bit around the edges using Memento - Pistachio ink pad.  Then using a Spellbinder Fancy Tag and bigshot I cut it out.  To finish the tag I attached some of my foil leaves that I had cut out (shown in an earlier post) to the back and then attached this to the corner of my card using double sided foam pad.

I mounted my design onto a silver foiled card from my stash and then mounted this onto a white card using double sided tape.  Now I am away to make an envelope to match but since the day is fast disappearing I thought that I had better get this Blogged.  So here it is the finished card.  Hope you like it.

I am entering this into the Clarity Stamp Challenge.

Good luck to everyone entering and hugs to all xx


Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Mini Teddy Decoupage

Hi Folks!  I would like to start of by saying that I am having a bit of a problem with comments to my Blog.  It seems that this <> is to blame.  I did the test ( commented on an old post and right enough it came from blogger no-reply.)  So if you feel that your Blog is not getting many comments or none then check it out.  I have tried a couple of different things to try and fix this but didn't seem to work. so my final try at sorting it was to go into my post settings on G+ and change the setting 'who can comment on my posts' (it was already set for public) but what I did was use the down arrows to change it to circles then changed it back again to public.  This actually saved the setting this time (a little message flashed up to tell me it had) So here's hoping!

Now for a card.  This is another printout from the Forever Friends Christmas Character disc.  I have printed it out on two sheets - the first setting on printer was PLAIN PAPER the second sheet was printed on Super Smooth Decoupage paper so my setting was PHOTO PAPER MATTE.  The reason for saves on ink as the bottom layer is going to be covered (only works if you are going to make decoupage from a single image) (or you can enhance your top image with promarkers, gel pens, glitter etc.)

I began with embossing a Snowflake on to a pale blue sheet of card from my stash and also to the front of the white card that my final piece would be added to.  I used a Clarity Stamp Snowflake for this, along with Clear Embossing Powder.

I cut out the first image from the sheet using a Square Die and quickly took my embossing ball tool around the edge to give it detail (was quicker just to do this at the time)

I matted my first printed sheet to the blue snowflake sheet and trimmed using my Perfect Layers Ruler. I then enhanced the images on the 2nd sheet using a Red Glitter, Green Glitter, Gold Glitter, and Blue Glitter Gel Pens. I also coloured all the lettering with an Artic Blue Pro Marker.   Next I cut out ALL the letters and also the presents and the christmas tree and star...was a bit time consuming and fiddly but worth it.  I stored all the bits in a little ATC bag so as not to lose them. I mounted them onto my first sheet using double sided foam pads


I then mounted this to my card using Strong Double Sided Tape. Although  this is only two layers, it is always better to use a Strong fixative when doing decoupage...I have had them fall off the card when I first started making cards - not funny!  
So here is the finished article!
It certainly catches the light!  I just love it.  I made one similar to this last year but I didn't colour or emboss. I like this version better. I hope you do too.

Crafty hugs to all x

I am going to enter this in to the following challenges:

Sending you Sunshine

Where has the day gone?  One minute I was sitting making more christmas cards, then around 3pm my mail was delivered.  The next thing I know it was after 8pm!  What happened?...Well I will tell you!..I received a £50 gift voucher from Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps for winning her first Comment Candy from her New Blog,

My £50 Gift Voucher inside
I of course spent the next few hours making a list of what I wanted to get from Clarity Stamp.  It was tough going...there is so much to choose from.  I had to come away and get a coffee at one point and then go back to see if I had changed my mind.  So what did I choose?  Well I am going to keep that to myself for now as I will post pictures along with a bit of gloating when my parcel arrives, but I did put on my list a couple of Stencils, a couple or three Stamp Sets and three single Stamps.  So obviously with the time just disappearing I was too late to get the order in today (Tuesday) which means I will have to get on it first thing in the morning

There is still an even bigger giveaway, a £100 Clarity stash. To qualify for that one, you have to attach the Giveaway Button to your Blog (you can link to he Blog from the Button down on the Right Side of my Blog), leave a comment that you have done so and when the Blog reaches 700 Followers the draw will be made.  So why not give it a go and join up.  You will not only have a chance of winning but you will also be treated to some wonderful demo's, lots of tips and an insight into Barbara Gray and Clarity Stamp.  Well worth a visit!

Hope to see you there...Happy Crafting!

Emma xx

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Christmas Card Making Countdown

Hello Folks!  Well everyone seems to be well into the Christmas Card Countdown now, including me!  I have separate lists for what I need to do and I am trying to get some done from each of them every day for the next 10 days, so I hope that I will have time to Blog about them. (Or rather remember to Blog!!)

So this little card is from a second batch that I have managed to get finished.
I was asked to add to an order at the last minute (before posting to my customer) a card for a little child and I immediately thought of this Teddy Bear card.  The image is from the Forever Friend's Christmas Character selection.
I printed and then cut out the image building it up with double sided foam pads.  I put this to the side.

I then chose to cut out squares to mat and layer the background.  I decided that I would colour the background on the first layer with Archival Plum ink using an ink duster.  I then went around the corners with Archival Coffee and also put in a bit of shading under the Teddy to give it a grounding.

I also took my embossing tool around the edge to give it more definition.  I then cut out a larger square from a Christmas Paper Pad from my stash.  I shaded in the corners of this with the Archival Plum ink.
I then matted these up and attached the Teddy Beat with Double Sided tape.  I like to use strong tape when I am doing layers or adding decoupage ( sometimes when building up a card one can get carried away so you have to choose a suitable strong fixative)

Monday, 18 November 2013

Recycle time again!

Hi Folks!  Well am I behind in my Christmas card list or what!  It doesn't help when one has a stinking cold...sniffles, sore throat...coughing and a watery eye (simpathy welcome)  I even took the precaution of getting my flu much for that.  I started on some parchment cards over the weekend but had to stop as I couldn't focus.  So I have amused myself with making some more embellishments with my Bigshot.  I am also doing a bit of recycling.

This Christmas tree Die was a freebie in a craft magazine. It is quite delicate once cut, but if you use metal or as in this case a Foil Lid it makes it quite sturdy.  Sturdy enough to have a small stencil too.

These foil lids can be used with quite a variety of dies as the following photos show

I had these cleaned and sitting on my kitchen work surface ready to go into my recycle bin when I thought that I would give them a try.  As they have a textured inside to them they are ideal for using Alcohol Inks to add colour to.  (I did this but forgot to upload the photos of the results...but the inks worked great...blaming my cold for forgetting)

I have decided to not leave my house this week at all (as I am not up to it really) and just concentrate on my christmas card list and hopefully get more blogging done too.

Bye for now folks!  Happy crafting xx

Friday, 15 November 2013

Effects With Ink Dusters

Hi, today I will show you some results that can be achieved using Ink Dusters.  I like to use them a lot.  I find them easy to handle (and they make me feel as though I am painting).  I first saw them being used on Create and Craft TV and then last year at the Christmas fair at the SSEC in Glasgow I saw them being demonstrated. I was quite impressed that they can be used on any medium, from copy paper to wood. Very impressed with the sample cards.  The rule is to let the brush get comfortable in your hand (they are double ended) dab onto your ink (any kind can be used - bonus!) then dab a bit onto scrap paper before applying to your medium (card, paper etc.).

pic 1
Apply ink lightly, re-apply to the depth of colour you want. You can use small or long strokes or even use in a circular motion. To give a darker look to a particular area pinch the bristles a bit (once you have inked +dabbed) then apply, or of course use a darker ink. When doing landscapes, tape your work to a piece of copy paper using low tack tape.  Turn your work  to portrait then start using your ink dusters to apply ink, it is easier to apply ink this way if you are using long strokes. Then if you want to apply the ink in a circular motion turn your work to landscape. (remember to turn your work not yourself when applying ink to corners or edges).  In pic 1, I have cut out these shapes using spellbinders dies.  I kept the dies on the card while going over them with the ink dusters.  I used SUPER SMOOTH CARD.


In pic 2, I stamped my images first then I covered the kissing couple (from Clarity Stamp) with a heart mask before shading with my ink duster.  I shaded the corners first and then starting on the heart mask I came off it with my brush, turning my work while doing so.
I used an ATC card and also mini Cherry Blossom from Clarity Stamp.

                                                                                                In pic 3, I stamped out my image, Boy Fishing and Small Landscape, put in a moon mask, then I shaded in the sky starting at the corners and working in. As you work in the ink gets lighter and this helps blend it all.  I repeated the process for the foreground.  I had used THEUVA CARD for this project. You can see that I have taken the ink all the way to the edges and this has given it more definition.

pic 4

In pic 4, I have used the ink duster to shade the background using a Stencil that I had made and also to shade in the main image. The background is just plain old COPY PAPER
All the stamps used were Clarity Stamps.

You can also use over heat embossed images without causing any damage.  And when you are finished you can leave the brushes to dry (the ink won't transfer) or you can give them a rinse out in water..

Now I must get on with my Christmas cards...getting behind a bit.   Crafty hugs to all! x

Blog Update:£50 Clarity Goody Bag up for grabs!

Hi Folks!  Just a quick update to let you all know about the latest news from Barbara Gray  (the wonderful lady who is Clarity Stamps).  She herself has only recently got into Blogging and has decided to have a giveaway.  (well two actually)  

Now as everyone who has ever read my Blog will have noticed, I am a partial to a bit of Clarity Stamp.  I think the company produces the best quality of all the stamps out there.  You tell me what stamp you can take an Iron too and still be able to stamp with it after...go on try it!  But not only does this lady produce the best stamps they have stencils and masks and of course not to mention all the techniques that she and her Design Team have up their sleeves.

To win the Goody Bags on offer just read and follow the next paragrapghs

Down on the righthand side of my Blog page you will notice a new Button sporting a lovely picture of the lady herself.  If after reading what I have copied and pasted from Barbara's Blog, you want to join in, go to the button and it will take you there.

How does a Clarity Goody Bag worth about £50 sound? All you need to do is go to my blog any day and leave a nice comment about Clarity, or about the post of the day. I will pick a winner at the end of the 30th November. The more comments you leave each day, the more chance you have of winning! 

But, here's another Giveaway for Co-bloggers who can sport buttons:
If you copy and paste the Clarity Giveaway Button to your own blog, and then leave a nice comment on my blog, saying you have accomplished this mission, then you will go into another draw - an even bigger draw! When the number of followers reaches 700, I will randomly pick a Button Fairy and then personally pack another Clarity Goody Bag to the value of £100. Now that has to be worth figuring it out! I'm told all you have to do is copy the html code underneath my button and paste it into your Blog layout, in the sidebar. The Giveaway Button will then appear on your blog, and you are a serious contender for the prize! 
Anybody can click on the button and it will link straight back to this Candy Blog, and then that person can join in, too!