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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Flower Power

Hi Folks!  First of all HAPPY MOTHER'S DAY to all the mother's that are out there.  I hope you all have a wonderful day!

Second, I have here my entry for the Clarity Stamp Challenge for March which the theme is FLOWERS.

I chose the design of my card around the verse If I had a single flower... a quote from Ghandi which Clarity Stamp have made into a lovley little stamp.  It is a very apt verse to use for the card that I made as the person it was made for means a lot to me personally and we have a great link through crafting and gardening too.

The other stamps that I have used in the making of this card are:
Floral Crook,  Large Dragonfly, ( Small Dragonfly, However You Spend it verse,on insert ), I also used the latest New Design Club Stamp....Large Edelweiss...I do not have a link for that yet as we in the Club get it a month before it goes on sale to the general public so it should be available on-line in April.

I started with post-it notes and stamped out my flowers which I then spent some time cutting them out for masks.  I use about 3 layers of post-it each time I make a mask and If I don't use them all I store them on a piece of copy paper in a poly pocket in my Masks binder.

I masked off the edges of an A5 sheet of Theuva Card  and stamped out the Floral Crook in Black Adirondack ink.  I placed my first set of mask for this stamp.  I then began to build up the floral border by stamping and then masking.

I stamped the Ghandi Verse into place and followed this with the Dragonfly. ( I masked the Dragonfly )
I then tore a piece of copy paper  to get a rough edge for the horizon and coloured in the sky with Memento Summer Sky ink and I coloured the foreground with Whisper Sage ink using a make-up sponge.

Once this was done I removed all the masks and took a fine Black Liner around the edge of my picture.  I then trimmed the Theuva Card and matted it onto a piece of Black Card from my stash which I then matted onto an A5 White Card.

On the insert which is White Super Smooth paper, I stamped out the verse However You Spend it... and I also stamped the two Dragonflies.  ( my friend loves Dragonflies ). I made an envelope and stamped the small dragonfly inside the flap too.

Here is a larger picture of the finished card.  I have deliberately NOT coloured in the flowers because I love to see the detail in these stamps.  They stand out so well that sometimes there is just no need for colour.  I do hope you like it and welcome any feedback.  

I'm off now to link this up with the Clarity Stamp Challenge  - Flower Power    

Happy Crafting.

Emma xx

Designed by Emma Burns, Handmade in Scotland,

Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Moment of Clarity

Card Designed By Jo Rice
Hi Folks!  I had a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday! The lovely Jo Rice of the Clarity Stamp Design Team sent me a lovely card that she had made and also a lovely stencil too.  I was picked from her Blog to receive a free Clarity Stamp Stencil.

So thank you very much Jo.  I have already put it to good use!

Want to see what I have started?

Well you will have to scroll down to have a peek!

I had better let you know that I may have gone a bit overboard so please give me your comments, I read and respond to every comment made as I very much appreciate them all.

Saturday, 22 March 2014

Making things in my New Craft Room

Hi Folks!  Well I like to save money...I like a bargain...but I'm not afraid to spend money either!  But I do like to recycle, upcycle whenever possible.

So in between settling in to my new home (craft room), making cards etc, I have been making things!

When unpacking I  remembered that I had a large roll of Wine coloured Leather.  So first off the old work desk was a cover for my Kindle fire HD.

Items used: 2 rectangular pieces of Leather. (plus two thin strips for the straps)
                   2 rectangular pieces of Card (You can use the card made for book                         covers OR you can use the card that comes in the Do Not Bend                           envelopes - you know what I mean!!)
                   Hole Puncher
                   Fabric Glue, Double sided Tape (strong), Wine Coloured Thread,                        Upholstery Needle, Tweezers
                   4 Metal Book Corners.

I cut out two rectangles  slightly larger than my Kindle Fire  HD.  I also cut my boards to the same size as the Kindle.  (if I decide to stitch all around the edges I wont break my needle) I marked out then used the Hole Puncher to get the holes for the on/off and the volume buttons on one piece of the leather.  I then placed the two rectangles together and marked where I needed to attach the straps for holding the Kindle in place. I stitched these into position and then I used Fabric glue around all the edges and then added strong double sided tape to hold the front and the back together while the glue got to work setting.  I added metal bookend corners to finish it off.

Yes, Yes, I know!  I could have at least cleaned my screen before taking the photo!  


Since I had my roll of leather out I decided that I would recover and old storage box that belongs to my son. He has had it since he left home when he was 18...a long time ago.  It was in a terrible state...too embarrassing to take a photo of before the makeover!  I quite simple removed the old covering off and used it as a template (before shoving it in the bin!).  The hardest bit to do was the hand stitching of the corners on the lid.


So after my little bit of fun with the leather I had a few cards to make which I have blogged (flower fairies etc).  I had a bit more sorting out to do in my craft room and I needed more storage especially for my 12 x 12 papers.  So I made a unit for them.  This time I used a cardboard box.  

I had been delivered a large item in a long box and the box was in great condition and strong too.  So I didn't want to just throw it out.  I decided that rather than have my 12 x 12 papers in boxes ( where I forget what's in what ) I would make myself a little unit to house them.  Very simple to do.  You need 8 Square pieces of undamaged  cardboard.  (I cut them at just over 12" )  I also cut out 12 pieces for the shelf supports ( I cut these at 12" x 2.5").  I covered each of the pieces with white paper (children's roll of play paper).  I then stuck the back and two sides together.  Next I added the base, then put in 3 shelf supports, followed by a shelf.  I repeated this process for all the shelves.  It now sits perfectly on my shelf in my craft cupboard beside my A4 drawers, boxes and A5 boxes.   I have a section for White envelope paper,mixed papers, mixed card, vellums and on the top shelf of the unit I have space for 12 x 12 pads.  And when I get round to it this unit will become the template for my MDF unit.

My next bit of refurbishment will be my dining room chairs. They are nice chairs but a bit tough on the old behind and I have some lovely upholstery studs that I am dying to use.  Just waiting of the new foam arriving!

I wonder what I can do after that!

Happy crafting!

Emma xx

Flower Fairy Duet

Hi Folks!  I have another Flower Fairy for you here.  Actually two!  Last minute request for Birthday cards for two little girls who have their special day close to each other and I am told usually share their Birthday Party. So I decided to do two similar cards and the Flower Fairies are great for that.

I asked what their favourite colour was and also their hair colour and I took things from there.

I began  by stamping both images onto ONE sheet of A5 Theuva Card from Clarity Stamp.  I used Spectrum Noir Pens to colour in the blue Fairy and Pro Marker Pens to colour in the Pink Fairy.  I cut out the images using a frame die from Spellbinders.  For those perfectionists out there...Yes I did miss out a bit at the bottom of the die but  I knew that I would be covering this up later.  I am conserving my Theuva Card until I can get it re-stocked. You can get it in A4 too.  It is brilliant for stamping, brayering and Die Cuts.

I added Glamour Dust to the Blue Fairy and I used a Wink of Stella glitter pen to add a touch of sparkle to the Pink Fairy.

Using the largest of the Frame set I cut out two backing pieces to co-ordinate with the Fairies and mounted these onto a white card with double sided tape.  I then mounted my images using double sided foam pads.

I cut out two tags using a die that I got from a magazine, stamped in the Happy Birthday using Brilliance Ink pads and attached with double sided tape.  I then cut out some leaves in white paper and coloured them to match the fairies.  I also cut out some leaves from green vellum.  I then cut out some flowers and coloured these too.  I attached them onto the cards using papermania glue. I added flat backed pearls to the centre of the flowers and this is the final result.

I have just got feedback that the girls were really chuffed with their cards and have asked that I make all their birthday cards in the future.  Bless them. xx

Hope you all like them too.

Happy Crafting!

Emma xxxx

Monday, 17 March 2014

Flower Fairy with Acetate cover

Hi folks!  Here is the flower fairy that I promised last week.  Yes I know I'm a bit late in getting it posted. No excuses I simply got distracted making a shelf unit for my 12 x 12 papers.  I am a bit of a recycler and what with having recently moved home, having lots of good boxes just going into storage I decided to cannibalise one and forgot to do the post.  Sorry xxx

I had to make a largish card so I took an A4 Cream Satin Card and using my Ultimate Pro from Crafter's Companion I scored along one line (Tri Fold). I then moved this scored line up to the curvy line, scored then cut out along this line. This then gave me a larger back to my card with just a bit coming over the front. (roughly 8 x 8).  I then took a piece of A4 Acetate trimmed this down to fit behind the front fold and stuck it in place with double sided tape.  Not having any 8 x 8 inserts or envelopes at the time I obviously had to make my own.  So glad I always have 12 x 12 paper for envelopes which I make using the Ultimate Pro.  I used A3 Art paper to make the insert as I wanted to have the main picture on the front of the insert without any ink showing through.

So I stamped out the Flower Fairy in Black Archival onto Post-it Note ( I had to do this a few times as the fairy stamp is quite large). Also the corner flowers.  I then cut them out and put them to the side on a spare bit acetate ( I always keep a bit on my work desk just for this reason). The Fairy is Almond Blossom from Crafter's Companion. I then stamped the fairy onto the front of the insert and also the corner flowers.

I coloured in the flesh using a Blush Pro Marker and then using my pencils shaded in the fairy and the flowers.

I then covered the fairy  and flowers with the Post-it notes and  shaded in a bit of a background.  I used a Clarity Stamp Tree and Whispers Sage for the trees and the bushes.  I then stuck this in to the base card.

This is definitely not the best photo I have ever taken but it is the best one without the Flash reflecting off the Acetate.  Here it looks dull instead of looking delicate.

I finished the card off with a pale green gauzy ribbon down the left hand side and tied with a double bow and guess what?  Camera died on me so I couldn't get a picture of the finished card or the matching envelope! Typical!  I hope you like it anyway.

Happy Crafting!

Emma xx

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

Eggplant and Clarity Fairy ?

Hi Folks!  So here is the second card that I made on Monday.  

This card was made with 3 Clarity Stamps. The Leafy Swirl, Make a Wish, and the Fairy Clear Stamp and a Large Clarity Stamp Moon Mask, Clarity Stencil Brushes (really fab!!!)

I stamped  the silhouette stamps onto a Cream 8 x 8 Satin Card using only Adirondack Eggplant Ink.  (I had masked the edges off with low tack tape).

I placed the Moon Mask in position then I took a piece of torn copy paper and using my lovely new Stencil Brushes from Clarity Stamp I shaded in the SKY first.

I then removed the Mask and placed the other half of the torn copy paper over the sky and got on with the background.  Once again I used my Stencil Brushes, copy paper and Eggplant Ink.  I shaded in the corners a bit more.

I then took a Clear Sakura Gel Pen and embellished the M and the W and the horizon adding a bit of Glamour Dust before the ink from the pen dried.  I also dabbed around the sky with the Sakura Pen and a bit more Glamour Dust was added.  It gave the sky a lovely twinkle.

All that was left was to remove the masking tape without getting any eggplant ink where it shouldn't be and that's another card finished (well apart from the insert and the envelope!)

Hope you like it.  Flower Fairy tomorrow.

Happy Crafting

Emma xx

Clarity Clockwork Stencil Card

Hi Folks!  Ok so I have been a bit slow in getting back to blogging but hopefully I can make up for it this week by posting about 3 cards I made on Monday.  I should have been ready to go with them but well...the SUN came out and that meant going for a walk or two in my new surroundings.  As usual I went with my son and we had a lovely time.  My legs are certainly feeling it as there were quite a few hills (well they felt like that to me) to get up and down.  We only did about 7 miles but since it was my first walk of the year I think my son took it easy on me.  It was so peaceful and the sky so blue and since we were right in the middle of the countryside we got sunshine from all around.  We also got a few 'midgie' bites on the way home, but that's to be expected up here in Scotland!

So get on with the first card I hear you say!

So I was at the craft show in Glasgow SECC last Thursday. Met the lovely JO RICE who was standing in for Barbara Gray of Clarity Stamps.  Had a good day and came away with lots of goodies, mostly from (funnily enough) Clarity surprises there!  One of my recent purchases was the new Clockwork Stencil. Great size  7 x 7 inches and its 350 microns and can take going through an embossing machine too.
I decided to just go with plain old ink.

I started with an 8 x 8 Cream Satin Card. I had decided to do this card all on one layer so I placed my stencil over the card and taking a make-up sponge and Coffee Archival Ink I went around the outside edge of the card.  The Stencil as you can see is curved around the corners which gives it it's own border.

I taped a fancy spellbinders tag to the back of the stencil at an angle, then took masking tape and taped down the edges of the stencil to stop it moving around.  I used one of my new Clarity Stencil Brushes ( that I got at the show - can really highly recommend these brushes, just brilliant) to give a bit of light shading over the stencil.  I then simply shaded around with the Coffee Archival and make-up sponge to make it a bit darker here and there.

When shading with a make-up sponge it is always best to blot some of the ink off onto scrap paper but for some of the areas I just dabbed down with the sponge fully loaded to give more of a distressed feel.  I removed the stencil, removed the tag from the back of it.  I stamped the Happy Birthday which is actually two stamps from the Clarity Stamp Happy Word Set.  I then replaced the tag over the top of the words and mixing the Coffee Archival with a bit of Black Archival I dragged my make-up sponge down and to the right to give a bit of a shadow.

I then took a Pro Marker - cool grey 1 around the tag to give it a it more definition.  All that was left to do was put an insert into the card then put that in an envelope and on to the next card.

I forgot to say that I put 'It's Birthday Time Again' on the insert.

So I hope you like this stencil, I can highly recommend it!

Happy Crafting and will be back soon with the next card.



Friday, 7 March 2014

My New Craft Room

My New Craft Room Finished...Well nearly!

My work desk still doesn't seem big enough even though I can now work the whole length of it.  I bought myself a new A3 mat and I keep my copy paper in a drawer unit to the left of my desk and I have a white tray to use for my current project ( I usually end up with two or three projects on the go at once).  I have already had a little play and I ended up covering my desk in paper, card, ink, stamps etc.  (No you are not getting to see it when it is messy...ruin my reputation).
I found that because I have items on the window sill I was blocking out the little daylight that I was getting that I have now  invested in a new daylight lamp (not shown yet...just got it out the wrapping).  I can't believe that with having a designated craft room, I still need more storage space...what's that about.  So of course the space under the desks is having to be used.

I have made use of my old telephone table for my glass mat, craft iron, heat, gun and my melt pot. I have a 6 drawer unit there for all my jewellery finding etc. above that I have an old pine unit that I use to store my reels of ribbon (full to the brim behind those sliding doors) Under the unit hangs some work in progress.  My son gave me a few old guitar strings and I have used one to tie between two cup hooks and then used small bulldog clips to hang my work (that way they don't get lost in a pile or get creased. I have also used two long metal strips (from my husbands old office) so hold my splodge mats, craft mat and samples.  I have a small fold away table that I will bring out if I am using glitter, mica powders etc. (I hate when I am brayering or stencilling to find that I have missed a bit of glitter or embossing powder so I am doing my best to limit that happening my keeping separate areas...that's the theory)

So along this same wall I have a double cupboard and then I have a small bookshelf which holds my Big Shot, Cricut, Zutter Binder, A5 binders (I keep my Dies, Embossing Folders and unmounted stamps...well all that are not Clarity Stamps.)

So what's in the cupboard ?

This is where I keep all my card and paper etc. I also have my designs for my parchment and sketches for card and pictures. I have my two sewing machines up there on the top shelf along with a few other bits n bobs.  As you can see I have an extra work surface which is handy when sorting through all my paper etc.  Underneath the temporary curtain I have an A3 printer and my card stand along with empty picture frames (old and new) my large sketch pads.  This is the unfinished bit.  I am awaiting the arrival of a 6 drawer unit that will hold the smaller items from my top shelf - spray cans, items for decorating, blank candles etc.  Then I can use the top shelf for better use.

Oh and what have I done to the doors....

 I bought myself a bunch of silver bulldog clips and some different sized S hooks.  I have hooked up my stash of A3 Vellum, Card, Paper.  My magnetic sheets, sticky back sheets and also a couple of strings of flat backed beading and on the right I have my foam sheets, Die pockets, spare A5 poly pockets etc.  Down at the bottom I have my two paper trimmers.   So I have tried to make the best use of the space.

My machines, my A5 Folders full of dies, Stamps, embossing folders.  Up top my display shelves and some bags I have made.

Last of all I have my tall Bookshelf which I keep my drawer units full of ink, pastes,embossing powders etc.  I keep all my Clarity Stamps on one shelf, even the unmounted ones are in the black binder and my Clarity Stencils are in the Clarity folder and my own stencils and masks are in the blue folder.  My Pergamano equipment is on the bottom shelf.

The last corner of the room is taken up by my huge computer desk which at present is very untidy so you are not getting a look at that either!

I will have to do a bit more adjusting as I have purchased more Clarity Stamp Stencils and of course Stamps...another drawer unit I think!

I hope you have liked a peek at my craft Room and that I have not waffled too much.

Crafty Hugs

Emma xxx