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Friday, 7 March 2014

My New Craft Room

My New Craft Room Finished...Well nearly!

My work desk still doesn't seem big enough even though I can now work the whole length of it.  I bought myself a new A3 mat and I keep my copy paper in a drawer unit to the left of my desk and I have a white tray to use for my current project ( I usually end up with two or three projects on the go at once).  I have already had a little play and I ended up covering my desk in paper, card, ink, stamps etc.  (No you are not getting to see it when it is messy...ruin my reputation).
I found that because I have items on the window sill I was blocking out the little daylight that I was getting that I have now  invested in a new daylight lamp (not shown yet...just got it out the wrapping).  I can't believe that with having a designated craft room, I still need more storage space...what's that about.  So of course the space under the desks is having to be used.

I have made use of my old telephone table for my glass mat, craft iron, heat, gun and my melt pot. I have a 6 drawer unit there for all my jewellery finding etc. above that I have an old pine unit that I use to store my reels of ribbon (full to the brim behind those sliding doors) Under the unit hangs some work in progress.  My son gave me a few old guitar strings and I have used one to tie between two cup hooks and then used small bulldog clips to hang my work (that way they don't get lost in a pile or get creased. I have also used two long metal strips (from my husbands old office) so hold my splodge mats, craft mat and samples.  I have a small fold away table that I will bring out if I am using glitter, mica powders etc. (I hate when I am brayering or stencilling to find that I have missed a bit of glitter or embossing powder so I am doing my best to limit that happening my keeping separate areas...that's the theory)

So along this same wall I have a double cupboard and then I have a small bookshelf which holds my Big Shot, Cricut, Zutter Binder, A5 binders (I keep my Dies, Embossing Folders and unmounted stamps...well all that are not Clarity Stamps.)

So what's in the cupboard ?

This is where I keep all my card and paper etc. I also have my designs for my parchment and sketches for card and pictures. I have my two sewing machines up there on the top shelf along with a few other bits n bobs.  As you can see I have an extra work surface which is handy when sorting through all my paper etc.  Underneath the temporary curtain I have an A3 printer and my card stand along with empty picture frames (old and new) my large sketch pads.  This is the unfinished bit.  I am awaiting the arrival of a 6 drawer unit that will hold the smaller items from my top shelf - spray cans, items for decorating, blank candles etc.  Then I can use the top shelf for better use.

Oh and what have I done to the doors....

 I bought myself a bunch of silver bulldog clips and some different sized S hooks.  I have hooked up my stash of A3 Vellum, Card, Paper.  My magnetic sheets, sticky back sheets and also a couple of strings of flat backed beading and on the right I have my foam sheets, Die pockets, spare A5 poly pockets etc.  Down at the bottom I have my two paper trimmers.   So I have tried to make the best use of the space.

My machines, my A5 Folders full of dies, Stamps, embossing folders.  Up top my display shelves and some bags I have made.

Last of all I have my tall Bookshelf which I keep my drawer units full of ink, pastes,embossing powders etc.  I keep all my Clarity Stamps on one shelf, even the unmounted ones are in the black binder and my Clarity Stencils are in the Clarity folder and my own stencils and masks are in the blue folder.  My Pergamano equipment is on the bottom shelf.

The last corner of the room is taken up by my huge computer desk which at present is very untidy so you are not getting a look at that either!

I will have to do a bit more adjusting as I have purchased more Clarity Stamp Stencils and of course Stamps...another drawer unit I think!

I hope you have liked a peek at my craft Room and that I have not waffled too much.

Crafty Hugs

Emma xxx