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Saturday, 22 March 2014

Making things in my New Craft Room

Hi Folks!  Well I like to save money...I like a bargain...but I'm not afraid to spend money either!  But I do like to recycle, upcycle whenever possible.

So in between settling in to my new home (craft room), making cards etc, I have been making things!

When unpacking I  remembered that I had a large roll of Wine coloured Leather.  So first off the old work desk was a cover for my Kindle fire HD.

Items used: 2 rectangular pieces of Leather. (plus two thin strips for the straps)
                   2 rectangular pieces of Card (You can use the card made for book                         covers OR you can use the card that comes in the Do Not Bend                           envelopes - you know what I mean!!)
                   Hole Puncher
                   Fabric Glue, Double sided Tape (strong), Wine Coloured Thread,                        Upholstery Needle, Tweezers
                   4 Metal Book Corners.

I cut out two rectangles  slightly larger than my Kindle Fire  HD.  I also cut my boards to the same size as the Kindle.  (if I decide to stitch all around the edges I wont break my needle) I marked out then used the Hole Puncher to get the holes for the on/off and the volume buttons on one piece of the leather.  I then placed the two rectangles together and marked where I needed to attach the straps for holding the Kindle in place. I stitched these into position and then I used Fabric glue around all the edges and then added strong double sided tape to hold the front and the back together while the glue got to work setting.  I added metal bookend corners to finish it off.

Yes, Yes, I know!  I could have at least cleaned my screen before taking the photo!  


Since I had my roll of leather out I decided that I would recover and old storage box that belongs to my son. He has had it since he left home when he was 18...a long time ago.  It was in a terrible state...too embarrassing to take a photo of before the makeover!  I quite simple removed the old covering off and used it as a template (before shoving it in the bin!).  The hardest bit to do was the hand stitching of the corners on the lid.


So after my little bit of fun with the leather I had a few cards to make which I have blogged (flower fairies etc).  I had a bit more sorting out to do in my craft room and I needed more storage especially for my 12 x 12 papers.  So I made a unit for them.  This time I used a cardboard box.  

I had been delivered a large item in a long box and the box was in great condition and strong too.  So I didn't want to just throw it out.  I decided that rather than have my 12 x 12 papers in boxes ( where I forget what's in what ) I would make myself a little unit to house them.  Very simple to do.  You need 8 Square pieces of undamaged  cardboard.  (I cut them at just over 12" )  I also cut out 12 pieces for the shelf supports ( I cut these at 12" x 2.5").  I covered each of the pieces with white paper (children's roll of play paper).  I then stuck the back and two sides together.  Next I added the base, then put in 3 shelf supports, followed by a shelf.  I repeated this process for all the shelves.  It now sits perfectly on my shelf in my craft cupboard beside my A4 drawers, boxes and A5 boxes.   I have a section for White envelope paper,mixed papers, mixed card, vellums and on the top shelf of the unit I have space for 12 x 12 pads.  And when I get round to it this unit will become the template for my MDF unit.

My next bit of refurbishment will be my dining room chairs. They are nice chairs but a bit tough on the old behind and I have some lovely upholstery studs that I am dying to use.  Just waiting of the new foam arriving!

I wonder what I can do after that!

Happy crafting!

Emma xx