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Wednesday, 26 March 2014

A Moment of Clarity

Card Designed By Jo Rice
Hi Folks!  I had a lovely surprise in the mail yesterday! The lovely Jo Rice of the Clarity Stamp Design Team sent me a lovely card that she had made and also a lovely stencil too.  I was picked from her Blog to receive a free Clarity Stamp Stencil.

So thank you very much Jo.  I have already put it to good use!

Want to see what I have started?

Well you will have to scroll down to have a peek!

I had better let you know that I may have gone a bit overboard so please give me your comments, I read and respond to every comment made as I very much appreciate them all.

As soon as I saw the stencil I knew what I was going to use it for.  So off I went into my craft room cupboard and got two A 4 pieces of Chipboard.  I gave them 2 coats of white Gesso on both sides.  I used a firm Brayer to apply both coats.  The first one quite thin but the second one I was a bit more generous with it as I wanted a particular effect.  I used a heat gun to dry between impatient...never!

Now even though I used a heat gun to dry the Gesso, it can still be quite tacky.  This was perfect for holding the stencil in place though.  I love it when a plan comes together.

As you can see from the photo I used my Clarity Stencil Brush with Pearlescent Lavender Ink (you get a lovely shimmer from it).  I worked around the inside of the stencil not being too careful of going over the edge.  I then took a make-up sponge and put in a bit of shading ( down and left ).  Yes I did have a peek and because the Gesso was still tacky I was able to put the stencil back in place.

I then took some post-it notes and covered the stencil before I went on to the next part.

I went a rummaging in my drawers!!!  Not that kind!!!  I mean the drawers that I keep my treasured Mounted Clarity Stamps.  ( I have a very large 4 ring Binder for all my Unmounted Clarity Stamps ).

I chose a few of my favourite Clarity Stamps, got some copy paper ( for blotting ), Memento Paris Dusk Ink Pad, wet wipes ( for cleaning stamps ) and set about.....

Making the cover for my New Clarity Book!!!

You see I have decided to keep a copy of all the cards that I make using only Clarity Stamps in a special book.  Why?  Because I feel that the work that I do using these stamps is far better than any other stamps that I use.  Also I am a bit addicted to Clarity Stamps and hey who needs an excuse!

My first layer of stamping I blotted before I plotted.  I used some of the stamps from the new Journaling Set along with some others from my Clarity Stash. I stamped randomly over the cover.

Using the Paris Dusk ink again I stamped (without Blotting ).  I put a leafy swirl in opposite corners and then I just picked a few of my favourite stamps ( some old some new ) and continued stamping.
I then went back to my Clarity Stencil Brush and the Paris Dusk ink and put in a bit of shading around the corners and the outer edges.  Bad photo...not showing the white of the frame and wording of the stencil... sorry!

The picture below shows what I think is the finished front cover (for the moment).  I will decorate the inside and both sides of the back cover.  It will be a work in progress, mainly due to the fact that I will probably have more FAVOURITE Clarity Stamps quite soon.

So Please feel free to comment.  I have to say that when I took the photo and had a look at it, the Feather Stamp just stood out from the rest.  It is such a detailed and delicate stamp.  The quality of Clarity Stamp just shines through with this's one of the reasons that I rave about the company, even the mini Feather stamp is sublime!!!

Well I have gone on long enough, Sorry x

Happy Crafting

Emma xxxx

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