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Thursday, 3 August 2017

Parchment Workshop Groovi Butterfly

Hi Folks!  Hope you are all doing ok out there!  Yes, I know it has  been a while since I have posted. Blogger, technology and life in general have conspired against me over the past few months but hopefully I can get through this post without things crashing around me lol!

I have a piece of Parchment White Work to share with you.  This piece was made for one of my Parchment Workshops a couple of months back.  The design I have created including the grid work frame can be taken to different stages to get a finished sample, you can "get off the bus" anytime you want, you don't have to travel all the way to the end!
I hope you like it xx

For this piece I have used a Straight Bold Grid to work out the border Frame, I have used 4 Groovi Plates from Claritystamp Ltd to make up the center image.  These are:  Nested Square, Sprig Background, Netting Pattern and Jayne's Butterflies.  150gsm Parchment, 21cm x 21cm.   
Working on the back of the parchment and using a No.1 ball tool,  I built up the design by embossing the outer lines from the Nested Square then added the two butterflies.  I then used parts of the Sprig plate (using the whole pattern would make it too cluttered ) before finally adding the Netting.

Because of the depth of the lines in the Groovi Plates I was able to get nice crisp lines and curves.

Using small shader and No.1 ball, I added white work to the leaves and butterflies. The additional design on the bottom of the large butterfly is achieved by using a straight bold grid, two needle bold.  Turn the Butterfly so that the tips of the bottom wings sit on the same line in the grid, pierce alternate double holes......see pic at end.

I then made up my grid work border frame, Bold Straight Grid, No.1 Ball, Single Bold Needle.   Embossing the dots on the back of the parchment then shallow piercing on the front.  This gave me the First stage of the design.  You could stop now and mount your piece into a 10 x 10 inch Mount. Or continue with the design.

Next stage:  use a Fine Two Needle tool to freehand Shallow Pierce in and around the Sprig, Butterfly and Netting.  I then used a Single Bold Needle to re-perforate ALL the holes, going deeper. (keep needle upright as it makes for better holes!) You could stop here if you wish!

Next Stage:  Using either Parchment Snips (Perga Cutters) or Parchment Scissors cut away the waste parchment between each hole, within each Diamond Shape that the Netting Plate makes.  (It is easier to handle one Diamond at a time, to stop you missing any holes) For more experienced parchers, you know the drill....!
You can get off here and mount your piece, I have used Black Card for backing, you can use any colour you wish (the darker the better, to show off your white work) or continue to cut out the grid work and then mount.
Next Stage:  Is to repeat the process of piercing, snipping the top part of the inner design until you have it all cut out as in this last framed picture.

There are variations that can be made in the Grid Work too.  It doesn't all have to be cut out to give a nice design.
Be careful when snipping not to put your scissors too far in to the holes, always have points of snips / scissors over the waste.
When embossing, go slowly and gently, remembering to lift your tool up from the parchment at the end of each stroke.

Tilt your head to the left and you will see the grid work on the butterfly.  The spacing is pierce two holes, miss two holes (on the vertical).  Then the line above the space begin again, pierce two holes, miss two holes.  Turn work to the back and using a no. 1 ball gently mark a diagonal line between the top of each two holes to the bottom of the two holes above....repeat for each diagonal.
(it is easier to follow if you do all the diagonal lines in one direction before going in the other)

The gridwork is designed on a Bold Straight Grid. Emboss dots on back of parchment then Pierce holes working from the front.  Build the design out from the corners till you meet in the middle.  You can then decide if you want to leave it as it is or go on to do some Picot Cutting.

Well thats it for now folks, let's hope that my computer doesn't go into shock now that I have finally got blogging again!

Happy Crafting
Emma xx

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