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Saturday, 14 February 2015

Valentine Heart XX

Hi Folks!  Hope you are all having a lovely Valentines Day.  For those of you who do not have anyone to share this day with, then here is a card for You!

 Hope you like it!

If you would like to see how I made it then please read on...

Sunday, 1 February 2015

Clarity Stamp Challenge 24: Flowers

Design Team Sample For February

Hi Folks!  Well we are now in February and most people have had quite a heavy snowfall so  hope you are all coping with it.  We here in Tarbolton only got a few millimeters of snow and it only lasted a day, so my son and I had to go on a walking trip just to get some winter photos.
So I am here today to share with you my Sample for this month's challenge which is all about FLOWERS
This card is designed using my most favourite crafting things.  Parchment, Grunge Paste,Clarity Stamps and a Clarity Stamp Stencil. I have used two Clarity Stamps for this design, one being the small Leafy Swirl and the other being a small bunch of Flowers from the Remountable Garden Set. The Stencil is from the New Design Stencil Club from Clarity Stamp.

Right lets get to it!

7 X 7 Gelli Card, Grunge Paste, Clarity Stencil. Post it note mask x 2.  Apply Paste to card.  Once paste is dry place first mask over lady.  Reverse stencil, tape securely in place and apply paste. Remove Mask and using a damp brush (if you wish) smooth out the paste on the face and upper body and arms, you can also put detail into the hair.  I should point out that when using grunge paste it is best to tape your card to a solid surface not just copy paper, that way when you scrape the paste over the stencil you have more control and less movement.

Once dry cover with masks and tape them together (as in picture below). Stamp in background. In this case the Small Leafy Swirl (Clarity Stamps are that deep that you can stamp right up to the edge of the Grunge Paste).  You can either stamp in Versamark, add Embossing Powder and Heat Set as I did, or you can just simply stamp in ink.  I had added a raspberry ink and roughly wiped most of it off the stamp.  The Versamark re-wet the ink so that it shows up here and there.  I did this to go with one of the ribbons, it has shiny pink and silver stripes through it.

Use Masks as a template for dresses on Parchment. Lightly Trace outline in White Pergamano Pen.  Lightly Emboss on Back. Stamp out floral bunch onto copy paper, Trace within outline of the dresses using Pergamano Pen. Lightly Emboss on back of Parchment. Add shading to dresses with Hockey Tool. Highlight on the Front with Tinta Pearl and mapping pen. Use a Fine ball tool to put creases and folds into design. Cut out dresses as one piece and attach to Grunge Paste with Perga Glue.

Now to the Embellishments.  You can use ready made flowers or you can make your own using Dies..I used several Sizzix Floral Dies and Leaves.  I cut them out on White Coated Paper. Painted them with Tinta Pearl and left to dry.  I shaped them before putting them into my Melt Pot.  Big Tip...use a crocodile clip to hold things with ( I had been using one but it had rolled off my work table.  Result...I have injured my left fingers actually. Blisters! My own fault! I had over-glazed one of the roses I had made and I completely forgot how HOT it gets and just dove right in!) Yup I can hear you...that was a daft thing to do...I totally agree!!

I used Two thicknesses of Strong double sided tape to attach the design to the backing papers a Silver Pearl and a glittery daisy patterned Vellum and then to the Blank 8 x8 card.  I added small pearls to the corners for a bit of bling!  I used my Pergamano Pen to write out the Sentiment and  went over it with the Tinta Pearl using the Mapping Pen.  I embossed the edges and added Tinta Pearl.  Cut it out and attached with Perga Glue to the Floral arrangement. I attached two ribbons together with double sided tape, added them to the card.  Added the floral arrangement - I used a silicon glue for this. I also added a bit of string pearls to the mix.

You can see on the heads that I have  given some details to them and the hair. 

Close up of the dresses

Close up of the Floral Arrangement

So there you have it!  I'm not sure what I like most myself about the card, the way the parchment dresses worked out or the way the white paper flowers and leaves now have a lovely creamy sheen to them which also shows up the veining.  I hope you like it too.  If you give the techniques a go please let me see what you create, I would love to see what you do. xx

Notes:  When using Grunge Paste have some soapy water handy for washing stencil and scraper.
            Use a Tumble Dryer sheet to smooch over parchment to help tools glide rather than scratch.
            Protect your work surface with a heat mat or a hot glue mat.
            When using Melt Pot....use crocodile clips and have a cup of cold water handy...just in case!

So come on give this month's challenge a go.  There is £50 Clarity Gift Voucher for the winner (picked by Random. Org) and for the Top 5 (chosen by the Design Team) there is a chance to have your work showcased.

  The Competition is open to EVERYONE. 
ALL Stamping / Stencilling must be with Clarity Stamps and Stencils 
If you do not have a Blog then entries can be by email.
Check out the current Challenge #24

And as they say

You Have Got To Be In It To Win It!

Happy Crafting Everyone

Emma xx