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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vellum Birthday Card with Poinsettia

This was the first Birthday Card of the year for me. I nearly forgot to do a post about it as I am packing up house. I had all but packed up my craft room,  so just before I closed the last boxes on it all, I cut out some Dies with my Bigshot.  I used White Satin Card for the 4 corner flourishes, Pale Green Vellum for the Leafy Swirl and Leaves for the Flower.  White Vellum for the Flower and the Sentiment.

I had been working on a Panel of Vellum using a couple of my metal Stencils.  I decided to give the Panel a bit of colour using Tinta Gold, Pearl and Green ink.  I used a quill (mapping pen) to give the fine details.  I wanted the piece to remain delicate.  After I coloured I set about cutting the Panel out with my Parchment Scissors.  I then took a piece of Pale Green Vellum and cut out another panel using a paper trimmer with the wavy line.  This panel was to go behind the main panel.

I Stamped the Happy Birthday onto White Vellum, etched in the Tinta Gold, pierced around and then cut out.  I mounted my Green panel onto my base card and then added the White Panel.  I then attached my 4 corners.  Next step was to create the Vellum Flower (Poinsettia)  and attach this to the card.  I Placed the leafy swirl in the corner first, then the flower and then I pushed in a green vellum leaf.  Finally adding the sentiment.

This is the finished card (obviously).  I am also obviously crap at taking photos...nah lets blame it on the lighting.  You can hardly make out the Green Panel in this light but it is there!   I wanted a layered look but also to keep it delicate.  Might have been able to leave the top two corners off, what do you think?

Happy Crafting!


Friday, 17 January 2014

New Year, New Beginning!

Hi Folks!  As the title says New Year, New Beginning and it is for me!  I will end this month in a New Home with a New Craft Room and now a friend has just had a New Baby!

My card is for the New Baby and I will be entering this card into the Clarity Stamp Challenge which the theme this month is NEW.  And here is the finished card. (my ramblings on how I made it will come after the main picture)

Step one was of course to figure out what I wanted to do and then gather all my bits together.  I got my piece of Clarity Coated Card and dusted it with Talcum Powder.  Stamped the ' it's a boy' onto the card using Memento Paris Dusk ink and sprinkled Clear Embossing Powder and of course then heated this from underneath.  I also made a mask from a Post-it Note for this stamp.

I then stamped my Blue Leafy Swirl in Paris Dusk and gave it the same treatment as the sentiment.  I stamped the Swirl again in Memento Summer Sky.

You will have noticed (if you are paying attention) that the embossing is not completely covering the swirl and the sentiment.  The reason? Although ink stays wet longer on Coated Card stock, you really need to use an embossing ink.  But as I was going for the effect of dew drops on fresh leaves this suited me fine.  I did blow quite a bit of the embossing powder away before heat setting it.

I took a tree from the set of 3 repositional trees and stamped a ridge line just with the very tip of the tall thin one in Memento Pistachio.  I tore a piece of copy paper to make my hills using Pistachio again.  I used the Lone Pine stamp from the ATC starter set, either side of the picture and my Mini Spruce Tree for the rest. I took the long stamp from the Trees and their Mantles, fixed it to my ruler and stamped along the bottom.  I then added a bit more shading to the foreground with Memento Olive.

I took a Blue Distress Marker to the edge of my picture and then matted this onto White Super Smooth paper.  Then matted this onto a textured Blue Card which I then matted onto a White Base card.  I used my Perfect Layers Rulers that I got from Joanna Sheen (and they are perfect) to do my layers.

The final stages were to form my Banner.  I used 15 Pricing  Labels (I know, I know...I could have used my small tag stamps from Clarity Stamp but I was in a rush and didn't have time to cut them out.  They stamp out the same size as these by the way).

I Stamped my letters using the Letterbox Set  from In the Classroom with Barbara Gray.  I then alternated the shading on each one. Pistachio and Paris Dusk.  I then fixed them onto my card using small Foam Pads and Double Sided  Tape, alternating which tag got raised and which tag lay flat.  I then threaded the Blue Striped Twine through each tag and left the ends hanging...I was going to have stamped a Swallow to hold the twine at each end but I hadn't left myself much room, next time!

Oh! and why a Blue Leafy Swirl?  Everyone knows that boys are found under Blue Bushes and girls are found under Pink Bushes!!!!!

Happy crafting everyone!


Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Last Look at my Craft Room...Moving Home!

Hi Folks!

I just thought that I would let everyone know that I am moving home.  The importance of this to me is that after two and a bit years of Crafting in my Cloakroom (essentially a very large alcove area) I am finally going to have a Craft Room again!

I will have a door that I can shut. (wonder if I should put a lock on it to keep everyone out?)  I will have room to lay out all my equipment (mmm...don't want it to look cluttered, have to balance that).  I will have a Craft Cupboard!  I'm getting excited!  Is that sad?  I have a vision of how it will look in my head, all nice and clean and white...that is until I get crafting!

The reason for the move is so that my husband Alex can be nearer work.  His wife must have a craft room!  Alex is very supportive in what I do, which is great.  He is my biggest fan.  But I certainly never expected my Craft Room to be at the top of his list.  So Alex....  Love You xxxx

These are a few pics of my current space.  I also have two large bookcases of crafty things in another room.  At this precise moment my work desk is a bomb site as I am trying to make a last few cards before packing it all away.  (there is literally no space on it at the mo).

I can hardly wait to get started in my new room. I should have myself sorted by the 1st February.  I am lucky that we as a family have packing home to a fine art and we will be unpacked completely within two days with everything in it's place (no we have nothing wrong with us and we will be doing it ourselves....because of hubby's job we have moved around a lot and once I get a clipboard in my hand...Well!!)

So obviously I will be going offline for a bit...not just yet...and as soon as I am sorted with the internet again I will be back blogging and popping in to all my crafty friends online to catch up with what you all have been doing.  So apologies in advance if you do not hear from me....I could just be stuck in my new craft room playing.

I have only one problem with the my internet might not be on in time, I might miss Barbara Gray from Clarity Stamp on Create and Craft TV at the beginning of February...that's going to upset me.  Might have to pop into the hotel next door!

Happy Crafting  Everyone


Emma xxx

Saturday, 11 January 2014

Noel Card version 2

Hi again folks!  Well as I said at the end of my last post here is the 2nd version of the Noel card.

So once again I printed and cut out the little Forever friends Teddy.  I glittered their hats this time with a Rich Brown Glitter.  Glazed the letters and then glued Rich Brown Glitter to them once the glaze was dry.  (the glitter is from papermania)

I am so glad that I have two of these trays.  Glitter is so messy.  I dust my trays with talcum powder then give them a good thump to get rid of the excess talc before using glitter or embossing powders.  It really does help when it comes to putting the excess back in their respective containers.

So next step was to make the card itself.  I wanted this to be large so I took a piece of A4 white card and scored it lengthways on my Crafters Companion Scoreboard (tri-fold A4).  This gave me a little overlap (intended).  I attached a Glittery Ribbon down this edge.  (the pre-taped ribbons you can buy are the perfect length for this).

I knew that I wanted to mute the white of the background card and I had a perfect piece of patterned Vellum just right for this which I made into a wraparound for the card.  I attached the vellum to the front of the card with 4 spaced out pieces of Strong Double Sided Tape (these will be hidden with the toppers).

Using two square dies I matted my little teddies onto first White Card and then onto Rich Brown Glitter Card that matches the Glitter that I had used on the letters and hats.  I then attached these to the vellum. I put in my insert and then I had to make a custom envelope to fit the card.  When the card stands open the Ribbon (obviously) stays with the back piece of the card therefore adding a bit of bling to the edge of the insert.  I like this effect and have used it before just not on a card this long!

I will be entering this into:

Happy crafting everyone!

Thursday, 9 January 2014

Noel Card version 1

Hi folks!
So here is my 2nd post for christmas cards for 2014.  I have cut out the Forever friends Teddy Images and I have embellished them by adding Rich Red Glitter to the Hats.  I Glazed the Letters and left to dry and then I painted them with a strong glue and added more Rich Red Glitter.  ( I did this to make the letters stand out a bit more and I wanted the glitter so sit on top not sink into the glaze).

Note:  If using double sided tape to fix to your it before adding any kind of glue or glaze to the front image, its just much easier to apply to a flat image.

I used my smallest square Die to cut out on Pure White Card and then the next size up was cut out on Red Holographic Card.  The four layered squares were then put onto a square of Pure White Card which was then matted onto the base card.  Final touch...Double sided Tape around the outer edge and then Rich Red Glitter added to it.  Following my own advice I did remember to tape up the back of each layer before putting them all together.  Version 2 coming soon!

I am of course going to enter this into

Christmas cards in January!

Hi Folks!  Well I am the first to complain about early christmas decorations going up in towns...the years pass by quick enough without rushing the end of the year in!  But I have to admit that because of ill health I did get a bit behind in my orders for christmas cards.  So my first resolution for the new year....yes you have guessed it....make my cards earlier.  To give me some incentive to keep that resolution I am going to try to enter at least two Christmas Cards a month into crafty hazelnuts christmas challenge 2  This is a Blog that is just for Christmas Cards and Christmas Projects.  I think it is a brilliant idea!

So for my first entry this month I have the following offering:

I began by masking of the edges of my Clarity Coated Card.  I peeled the masking tape back from the corner and using Memento Paris Dusk Ink, I stamped my Stag in the corner and then I stamped and cut out a mask for the reindeer (I did it this way round so that the ink on the Clarity Coated Card had time to dry). I covered the Body of the Reindeer and then put my masking tape back in place.

I stamped the Spruce Trees at the left of the picture then once again made a mask for them while the ink was drying, covered them up and went to work on the treeline at the top.  All I have done here is to stamp the Forest Ridge along the top.  I then took my small Lone Spruce  and stamped just the top part of the stamp (blotting it first onto copy paper) to give the impression of more trees in the distance.  

I then added a moon mask to the treeline.  Using Memento Summer Sky Ink and Ink Duster, I shaded along the tops of the trees.  I then used the Paris Dusk and a makeup sponge to do a bit more shading in the sky. I drew in two birds in the distance to give the picture a bit more perspective.

I stamped two of the reindeers from the Winter Wonderland Set and then I stamped in the tips of my small Fern and some leaves from the set that goes with the Naked trees of Africa.  Using torn copy paper and makeup sponge I shaded under the tree ridge, the deer, and the plants.

I then removed all the masks, polished up the image with tissue paper and mounted the whole picture onto white card.

Here is  pic of all the items used.  All the stamps used are Clarity Stamps (my favourite) and can be found by following the links.
Happy Crafting!

So as I said at the beginning of this post, I am entering it into the following challenges:

Mica Powder Flourishes

Hi Folks!  Today I am going to share with you some art work done with Mica Powders and Clarity Stamps.
Only this time the artwork is not mine.

My eldest daughter Carrie came for a visit recently and as usual I was showing off some recent purchases for my craft stash.  The next thing I know there she is playing at MY work desk with MY Mica Powders!

I don't begrudge her really!  But there I was hovering about like a mother hen!  Don't honestly know if it was because she had all my favourite stamps out or because I just wanted to guide her. In the end I just had to walk away and leave her to create!!

At the end of her little session she had made a picture which I gave her a gilded frame to put it in and a lovely Birthday Card for her partner.  Carrie herself is very artistic and didn't need any guidance from me. She is used to working on a larger scale and with very different mediums so this was an enjoyable 'break' for her.  All the stamps she used were from Clarity Stamp and she used Clarity Black Coated Card to work on.  She was the first one to use my new Fuchsia stamp. (That's how much I love her).

The picture on the left is an image of the card before she matted and layered it and added a sentiment. The image on the right is her finished picture.
I think that she made a lovely job of both of them...just wished that I had taken a photo of the finished card.
Bye for now!
Happy Crafting xxx

Sunday, 5 January 2014

Hi Folks! Emma with an apology here.

Hi Folks! Just a little apology to all the people that I follow on blogger.  For the 3rd time since starting my blog I have gone into the dashboard only for it to tell me that I am not following any blogs.  Not a one in my reading list.  Now I know that this is not true as it is how I keep up with all the post from my crafty friends. To say that I am majorly  teed off is an understatement.  So I will have to trawl through and set it all up again so I apologise now for missing any of your posts and hopefully can catch up with you all soon.  In the meantime happy crafting to you all. xxx