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Tuesday, 14 January 2014

Last Look at my Craft Room...Moving Home!

Hi Folks!

I just thought that I would let everyone know that I am moving home.  The importance of this to me is that after two and a bit years of Crafting in my Cloakroom (essentially a very large alcove area) I am finally going to have a Craft Room again!

I will have a door that I can shut. (wonder if I should put a lock on it to keep everyone out?)  I will have room to lay out all my equipment (mmm...don't want it to look cluttered, have to balance that).  I will have a Craft Cupboard!  I'm getting excited!  Is that sad?  I have a vision of how it will look in my head, all nice and clean and white...that is until I get crafting!

The reason for the move is so that my husband Alex can be nearer work.  His wife must have a craft room!  Alex is very supportive in what I do, which is great.  He is my biggest fan.  But I certainly never expected my Craft Room to be at the top of his list.  So Alex....  Love You xxxx

These are a few pics of my current space.  I also have two large bookcases of crafty things in another room.  At this precise moment my work desk is a bomb site as I am trying to make a last few cards before packing it all away.  (there is literally no space on it at the mo).

I can hardly wait to get started in my new room. I should have myself sorted by the 1st February.  I am lucky that we as a family have packing home to a fine art and we will be unpacked completely within two days with everything in it's place (no we have nothing wrong with us and we will be doing it ourselves....because of hubby's job we have moved around a lot and once I get a clipboard in my hand...Well!!)

So obviously I will be going offline for a bit...not just yet...and as soon as I am sorted with the internet again I will be back blogging and popping in to all my crafty friends online to catch up with what you all have been doing.  So apologies in advance if you do not hear from me....I could just be stuck in my new craft room playing.

I have only one problem with the my internet might not be on in time, I might miss Barbara Gray from Clarity Stamp on Create and Craft TV at the beginning of February...that's going to upset me.  Might have to pop into the hotel next door!

Happy Crafting  Everyone


Emma xxx

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