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Sunday, 26 January 2014

Vellum Birthday Card with Poinsettia

This was the first Birthday Card of the year for me. I nearly forgot to do a post about it as I am packing up house. I had all but packed up my craft room,  so just before I closed the last boxes on it all, I cut out some Dies with my Bigshot.  I used White Satin Card for the 4 corner flourishes, Pale Green Vellum for the Leafy Swirl and Leaves for the Flower.  White Vellum for the Flower and the Sentiment.

I had been working on a Panel of Vellum using a couple of my metal Stencils.  I decided to give the Panel a bit of colour using Tinta Gold, Pearl and Green ink.  I used a quill (mapping pen) to give the fine details.  I wanted the piece to remain delicate.  After I coloured I set about cutting the Panel out with my Parchment Scissors.  I then took a piece of Pale Green Vellum and cut out another panel using a paper trimmer with the wavy line.  This panel was to go behind the main panel.

I Stamped the Happy Birthday onto White Vellum, etched in the Tinta Gold, pierced around and then cut out.  I mounted my Green panel onto my base card and then added the White Panel.  I then attached my 4 corners.  Next step was to create the Vellum Flower (Poinsettia)  and attach this to the card.  I Placed the leafy swirl in the corner first, then the flower and then I pushed in a green vellum leaf.  Finally adding the sentiment.

This is the finished card (obviously).  I am also obviously crap at taking photos...nah lets blame it on the lighting.  You can hardly make out the Green Panel in this light but it is there!   I wanted a layered look but also to keep it delicate.  Might have been able to leave the top two corners off, what do you think?

Happy Crafting!


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