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Saturday, 22 February 2014


Hi Folks!  At last I am back on the Internet. And WOW have I missed a lot.  So now that I have settled into my new home and my New Craft Room is well under way and a certain company have finally got me back on the Internet I can get on with my daily fix from all you crafters out there and also maybe share some with you. xxxx

Just before I moved (literally) I received my first lot of HAPPY POST from CLARITY STAMP.  I was in the middle of packing up my kitchen when the mail arrived and having already packed up my craft room I was running about daft looking for a bit paper to stamp on.  So I managed to get a few sheets of copy paper and fortunately for me I had ordered an ink pad (every month Clarity Stamp do a deal on an ink pad among other things) January's was an Archival Ink - Cornflower Blue.  But then you must be saying to yourselves...she has packed up her craft room, what good is the ink pad if she can't stamp.  Well let me tell you what happened.......

Necessity is the mother of invention they say!  Well I din't invent this item but I did make good use of it. After running about the house with this ink pad in my hand I ended back up in the Kitchen.  I had been packing away all the items made of glass. Kitchen was a right mess what with all the tissue, bubble wrap and corrugated paper.  My eyes were drawn to my glass butter dish of all things!  So there was me, brain going 'ten a penny' ....base too large to get a hold of...mmm...but the lid has possibilities....nnnnn....lids not flat it's got ridges all along it...mmm....doesn't matter brand new stamps from Clarity Stamp are thick enough that the ridges won't matter and cause they are sticky on the back they will stick to the dish no problem! Sorted!!

Yes!  So the result of my impromptu stamping with my make do stamping block turned out great.

I was very happy with it and it didn't even matter that my son thought it was hilarious that I couldn't wait a couple of weeks to get my craft room up and running to start stamping....they just don't understand, oh well!

I have another little post coming up shortly as I also got a lovely Forest Mask in with this mail and I had a little play with it.  So see you soon.  Hugs to all!

p.s.  The new stamps which are now a part of my collection were all purchased at half price in the twice yearly New Design Club Members re-mountable sale.  It is well worth joining.  More of my purchases coming up soon. xx