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Saturday, 22 February 2014

Forest Mask from Clarity Stamp

Hi again Folks!  My New Forest Mask from Clarity Stamp is brilliant!  Just love it!  I have only had one little play with it and it was a quickie and even though it is done one the cheapest of copy paper it's going up on my wall in my new craft room!

The mask is part of my first Happy Post from Clarity Stamps New Design Club Members Half Price Sale that happened in January.  And as I am a member I just HAD to partake!

I bought 6 Clarity Stamps to add to my collection and one Mask.  In the middle of packing up house for the big move I just had to stop and have a little play.  I took samples of my new stamps and then I pinched a make-up sponge from the bathroom (clean one) and I actually opened a box that contained my folder that holds my masks to get out the Clarity Stamp Moon Mask....(no-one saw me open it).  The picture shows the full mask ...I had already lifted and replaced the mask hence the air bubbles.

So after getting the moon mask I placed part of the Forest Mask onto my sheet of copy paper and placed the moon mask on top of that.  I then took my new ink pad Archival - Cornflower Blue and my make-up sponge and dabbed lightly around the trees and moon.

I then placed all the little bits of the mask into the spaces where they fit and very carefully I put the top part of the mask into place too.  I then removed the Moon Mask and the bottom part of the  Forest Mask making sure all the little bits were still in place and using the same ink pad ( this was the only one that was still unpacked) I dabbed in the colour making it a fair bit darker than the sky.

I removed the mask and put all the little bits back onto the carrier sheet.  I then took the Top Part of the Forest Mask and placed it lower down the page and once again I dabbed the same ink only this time making really dark.  I repositioned the mask once more and did the same with the ink.  I put the mask back onto the carrier sheet, gave it a clean and then stood back to look at what I had created.

I am quite happy with my little play with copy paper, ink pad, make-up sponge and a mask!

Misty Moonlight Forest

So Happy Crafting and I will be back soon  as I did get a 2nd and a 3rd Happy Post xxx

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