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Thursday, 9 January 2014

Mica Powder Flourishes

Hi Folks!  Today I am going to share with you some art work done with Mica Powders and Clarity Stamps.
Only this time the artwork is not mine.

My eldest daughter Carrie came for a visit recently and as usual I was showing off some recent purchases for my craft stash.  The next thing I know there she is playing at MY work desk with MY Mica Powders!

I don't begrudge her really!  But there I was hovering about like a mother hen!  Don't honestly know if it was because she had all my favourite stamps out or because I just wanted to guide her. In the end I just had to walk away and leave her to create!!

At the end of her little session she had made a picture which I gave her a gilded frame to put it in and a lovely Birthday Card for her partner.  Carrie herself is very artistic and didn't need any guidance from me. She is used to working on a larger scale and with very different mediums so this was an enjoyable 'break' for her.  All the stamps she used were from Clarity Stamp and she used Clarity Black Coated Card to work on.  She was the first one to use my new Fuchsia stamp. (That's how much I love her).

The picture on the left is an image of the card before she matted and layered it and added a sentiment. The image on the right is her finished picture.
I think that she made a lovely job of both of them...just wished that I had taken a photo of the finished card.
Bye for now!
Happy Crafting xxx

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