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Friday, 15 November 2013

Blog Update:£50 Clarity Goody Bag up for grabs!

Hi Folks!  Just a quick update to let you all know about the latest news from Barbara Gray  (the wonderful lady who is Clarity Stamps).  She herself has only recently got into Blogging and has decided to have a giveaway.  (well two actually)  

Now as everyone who has ever read my Blog will have noticed, I am a partial to a bit of Clarity Stamp.  I think the company produces the best quality of all the stamps out there.  You tell me what stamp you can take an Iron too and still be able to stamp with it after...go on try it!  But not only does this lady produce the best stamps they have stencils and masks and of course not to mention all the techniques that she and her Design Team have up their sleeves.

To win the Goody Bags on offer just read and follow the next paragrapghs

Down on the righthand side of my Blog page you will notice a new Button sporting a lovely picture of the lady herself.  If after reading what I have copied and pasted from Barbara's Blog, you want to join in, go to the button and it will take you there.

How does a Clarity Goody Bag worth about £50 sound? All you need to do is go to my blog any day and leave a nice comment about Clarity, or about the post of the day. I will pick a winner at the end of the 30th November. The more comments you leave each day, the more chance you have of winning! 

But, here's another Giveaway for Co-bloggers who can sport buttons:
If you copy and paste the Clarity Giveaway Button to your own blog, and then leave a nice comment on my blog, saying you have accomplished this mission, then you will go into another draw - an even bigger draw! When the number of followers reaches 700, I will randomly pick a Button Fairy and then personally pack another Clarity Goody Bag to the value of £100. Now that has to be worth figuring it out! I'm told all you have to do is copy the html code underneath my button and paste it into your Blog layout, in the sidebar. The Giveaway Button will then appear on your blog, and you are a serious contender for the prize! 
Anybody can click on the button and it will link straight back to this Candy Blog, and then that person can join in, too! 

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