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Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Hi Folks!  Well you know what day it is!  That's right...1st of the Month and that means the new Challenge is up and running at

The challenge for this month is
Shaped Cards

My Design Team offering is:
A Star Card

I used the Claritystamp, Merry Christmas on Parchment and added the design from the lovely Christmas Tree Groovi Plate Designed by Sylvia Marshall.  (such a talented lady)
I have backed my parchment onto Blue Vellum  which was then attached to a Card Blank.  I cut out the star leaving a join at the top. 
(otherwise it wouldn't stand now would it!!)
As I was experimenting with different shapes I began with my Parchment design and cut the Card Blank to is better if you CUT your Card Blank to the shape you want first and then have your Design fit the card...I was going for an 8 x 8 inch card but in the end I had to make a slightly larger card for the star to fit.  The other bit of advice I will give you is to use a strong card as the join at the top is not very wide....the stronger the card the better the join.
Ready for a few pictures?

I stamped the Merry Christmas onto Copy Paper.  I drew a 5 pointed star onto a square of Parchment using a white leaded propelling pencil, placed the Merry Christmas underneath the Parchment and Traced the design.
A quick smooch with a Tumble Dryer Sheet.  Then I used a Firm Foam Mat and began embossing the Line Art on the back of the Parchment.
The next step was to place the lovely Christmas Tree Groovi Plate into the Groovi Plate Mate, taped a Point of the Star over the Tree Design and embossed as near to the Words as I could get...I worked from the Top of the Tree down before turning the parchment around to the next point of the Star and repeating.  Once Embossed I used an eraser to get rid of the original tracing on the front of the Parchment.
I used two shades of Blue Spectrum Noir Pencils to Colour on the Back of the Parchment and Blended them with a Blending Solution.
I Pierced the design working on the Front of the Parchment
It was after this that I decided to do a bit of shading with my Large Embossing Tool as I thought the design would look better.  I then snipped some of the curved shapes out using my Parchment Scissors.
I pierced around the outside of the design with my Two Needle Tool and once again snipped the excess Parchment away using Parchment Scissors.
I Drew another 5 pointed star on Vellum, cut this out with a Craft Knife, then using small bits of Strong Double Sided Tape I attached the Parchment to the Vellum.
I then attached the Vellum to the Card Blank with Strong Double Sided Tape
Here is another picture of the finished card with slightly different lighting.  (It was a really sunny day and everything seemed to give off a reflection)

Well I hope you like this Star Card, I was very pleased with it (but I think it has more to do with the lovely design of the Christmas Tree Groovi Plate)

I hope that you will take part in this months Claritystamp Challenge and I look forward to seeing your entries using Clarity Stencils, Stamps maybe even the new Groovi Plates

£50 Gift Voucher for the Winner
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Top 5 Picks
(chosen by Design Team)

Happy Crafting

Emma xx

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