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Saturday, 20 September 2014

Butterflies and Flowers in Pink

Hi Folks!  Well the weather seems to be picking up a bit here in South Ayrshire so I thought that I would get my Post done before I get lost in the sunshine.  Baby Tortoises have been bathed and fed and housework done too, so I do not feel that guilty for doing nothing for the rest of the day but gardening!

A lot of Crafters are off to the crafting event at the Ally Pally (wish I was there too but its at the other end of the country...have a great day everyone).  In fact I hope that anyone attending any craft event this weekend find what they want and have a great time.

I have a little pink number to share with you all today, I hope you like it.

I chose some Clarity Stamp Stamps to make the image for this Card.  I have only used one ink pad - Archival Brilliance Pearlescent Crimson.
Large Butterfly
Small Butterfly
Grasses 2
Grasses 3
Floral Crook
Best Wishes (from line sentiment set 1)
Floral Branch (from lesson 18 set) (forgot to put in photo)
A5Theuva Card 
Clarity Stencil Brush 
Masking Tape
Double sided Tape
8 x 8 inch blank card and envelope
Printable Acetate
Post-it notes and Decoupage Scissors

So to begin with I cut my Theuva Card into a square and covered up the edges using masking tape...tip!  rub some moisturiser on the inner part of your arms and then dab on your masking tape to de-tack a treat!

I stamped the Floral Crook and covered the leaves and flowers with masks (post-it note sticky end) I then lightly stamped the Large Butterfly randomly around the card I removed the masks and then stamped in the Grasses and the Floral Branch.  Next I shaded around the edges of the image using my Clarity Stencil Brush.

I then Stamped the Large Butterfly onto a piece of Printable Acetate and left this to dry before cutting it out.  I removed the masking tape and took the edge of my ink pad around the edges of the image and mounted this onto my 8 x 8 Card. I then mounted the Acetate Butterfly using a clear silicon glue

I stamped the Best Wishes Line Stamp onto the front of the card and then I decorated the insert with lightly stamped Small Butterfly and the Best Wishes line stamp and attached this to the card with double sided tape. 

This is the finished card and I am glad to say that it was well received!

Happy Crafting everyone!

Emma xx