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Thursday, 4 September 2014

Lavender Dream

Hi Folks!  Still got the lurgy but determined to carry on regardless!  So today I thought I would share a lovely landscape stamp used with one of my favourite techniques...Embossing!

I have chosen the Large Landscape stamp from ClarityStamp Limited and my favourite Ink  (at the moment) Archival Brilliance Pearlescent Lavender.

The other items used in making this card are:
May all your Dreams Stamp (insert)                          Stencil Tape (or masking tape)             
Dream Stamp from Lesson 10                                  Stencil Brush (large)
Large Birch Leaf Stamp                                            Copy paper 
Bare Tree  Stamp                                          
Clear Embossing Powder                                          Ruler
Heat Gun                                                                  Wet wipes
Talcum Powder                                                         8 x 8 inch Blank Card    
Soft Brush for dusting                                                Moon Mask

I Taped off the 4 edges of the Blank Card, making sure that the Stencil Tape went slightly over the edge ( To protect it from getting discoloured when using the stencil brushes). I Sprinkled Talcum Powder onto card and brushed over lightly...tapped away excess.  (this stops the embossing powder from sticking where it shouldnt ).  Then I Inked up the Landscape Stamp, centered onto the card and stamped.  I Sprinkled the embossing powder on top and then tapped off excess and then heat set from underneath.

I added a moon mask and using a ruler tore some hills in some copy paper.  I lightly brushed they sky with the lavender ink.  I took the hills out to either side of the stamped image.  I tore anothe piece of copy paper but more of a straight line and used this piece to follow the lines for the horizon within the stamp.

 I put a bit more shading in on the outside of the image using my stencil brush and the torn copy paper. I then used the Large Birch Leaf stamp to stamp around the edge at the top and sides.  This gives the impression of looking through the trees. I then stamped the Bare Tree from a remountable winter set along the bottom of the image.

I then dusted once more with Talcum powder.  Stamped the word Dream and then embossed and heat set it

I stamped the sentiment onto the center of the insert and then I lightly stamped the Birch Leaf around the edges.  Once all the stamping was done I removed all the masking tape to leave a lovely white border.

Now I could have drawn a border all around the image either freehand or with a ruler but I decided just to leave it as it is. 

I hope you like it.  xx

P.S.  When using stamps and pearlescent ink it is best to give them a bit of a wipe as soon as you can. Intricate stamps can get a bit clogged up with this type of ink. With Clarity Stamps you can submerge in warm water or just give them a swipe over with a wet wipe.