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Tuesday, 28 October 2014

In The Pink!

Hi Folks!  I Hope you are all well out there in Craftland!  I have little pink number that I forgot to Blog about but I did show the flower that I had made for it on FB.  So here goes!

I started with a piece of Card that I had used the Shaving Cream Technique on a while back (it is amazing the amount and variety of backgrounds that you can get from this and you can also use any type of card even thick paper).  I cut the card down to a square so that it would fit nicely onto an 8 x 8 " Blank Card.  I chose which Clarity Stamps (my first choice for stamping) that I was going to use.

Only using  Adirondack Ink: Raspberry. I Stamped Lily and then covered her with a Mask so that I could work on the back ground a bit more.  I put in a bit of shading for hills and I used the Small Leafy Swirl to create a framework.

I removed the Mask, edged the card by gently pulling the card along the inkpad.  I attached this to my blank card (double sided tape).  I then stamped the Birthday Sentiment around this.  It was then that I decided that it needed a bit more even though I was still going to add the flower, so I decided to  colour in the buttons of her dress, shoes and her hair using a ZIG Wink of Stella Pen: Dark Pink.

This wasn't enough so I then decided to do a bit of embossing.  Now I can already hear you all say...should't you have done this first!  Well yes I should but I had that lovely mask which comes with an 'innie' and and 'outie'.  So using the 'outie' I placed this back onto my artwork exposing Lily only and then as the mask is cleanable I had no qualms about using my Embossing Ink directly onto Lily and the mask.  I then removed the mask and placed it onto a bit of copy paper (I did go back and clean it with a wet wipe). I then used clear embossing powder and I of course had to heat set it from above.

I didn't mind setting it this way as what it did would produce a more dimpled effect on the dress.  All that was left was to add my handmade Gerber Daisy!

So this was the finished card...........only the day after it was sold I remembered that I had had a little pink ribbon with 18th to add to it!  Note to self:  Remember to actually check list!  This was a quick card to make as I already had a stash of flowers and background paper made and having the mask for the stamp was brilliant, so thank you to Clarity Stamp for making them.  

P.S.  The Masks are sticky backed and need to be de-tacked a bit before using them.  They can be stored on copy paper to be used again and again and I have to say they are reasonably priced too.

Hope you like it and Happy Crafting everyone!

Hugs xx


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