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Saturday, 18 April 2015

A little bit of Parchment Craft along with Clarity Stamp

Hi Folks! Hope you are all having lovely weather and enjoying yourselves.  I have been busy with cardmaking and a little bit of grungy playing ( that's for another day)  but I have also overdone it a bit on the training for Ben Nevis and managed to mess up a bone in my foot (I am ok but did have to finally give in to painkillers which I hate to take)  So while I was sitting resting my foot (it is hard to sit with your foot up above your pelvis without restraints lol) I decided to have a play with my parchment.  Barbara Gray featured the Floral Corner Set on Create and Craft TV at the beginning of the month and as I already had it I was quite chuffed.  I made two cards both quite different but for this blog post I will share the parchment one and maybe pop a picture on the end of the other card!

On Copy paper. I drew a 6 x 6 square with an inner 1/2 inch border in Black Pen.  I stamped in Cobalt Archival Floral Corner and Flower from Clarity Stamp.
I traced a small flower and a couple of leaves using a Blue Micron Pen in one corner. I then drew in a leafy branch. I drew in a few Half Moons around one corner and then changing to a Black Micron Pen I added dots around the outer edge.

Simple, Blue = Embossing, Black = Piercing
Lightbox, Embossing Mat, Pricking Mat, Fine Ball Tool, Medium Ball Tool, One Needle and a Two Needle Tool. Tumble Dryer Sheet. Tape, Parchment Grid, Parchment Scissors. White Pergamano Pen, Parchment and a selection of Blue Spectrum Noir Pencils.

I traced the design onto Parchment with the Pergamano Pen. When it came to tracing the outer edge I just moved my Parchment along the design I had drawn. I smooched the back of the Parchment with the Tumble Dryer Sheet. I used a Fine Ball Tool to Emboss.  I then shaded in the flowers etc with the SN Pencils.  I then went back over the Embossing with the Ball Tools to whiten the outlines and to the tips of the Flowers and Leaves.

I turned the Design over and with my Finest Ball Tool, scribed the sentiment, smooched again, with Medium Ball Tool Embossed from the back, coloured the letters then back in again with a Fine Ball Tool to Whiten the outline and shade in the tops of the letters. 

Next step piercing.  I placed Piercing Mat on Lightbox, then Parchment Grid, Pattern, Parchment. I pierced the 8 Corner Holes, removed the Pattern and got on with Piercing using the Corner Holes to guide me onto straight lines. I pierced every 2nd hole apart from the corners where I have a run of 3 consecutive holes on the Inner line and a run of 4 on the Outer line. I shallow pierced, removed Parchment from Grid and then went back and re-pierced deeper with my One Needle Tool.

Next Step Cutting. Using a Two Needle Tool I pierced around all the inner gaps between the Flowers and Leaves, then I cut using Pergamano Scissors.

Next Step Outer Edge.  With my Piercing Mat on my lightbox and Two Needle Tool I pierced around each Scallop and then went back around with my Pergamano Scissors to cut out.  (I couldn't resist a peek at the edge while I was doing it).  I Traced, Coloured, Embossed a separate Single Flower and attached over the one already within the design with Pergamano Glue.

I coloured a piece of Super Smooth (7 x 7) with Denim Adirondack Ink and a Clarity Stencil Brush. Double Sided Tape on the back and mounted onto an 8 x 8 Card Blank to which I then attached the finished  Piece with Pergamano Glue.

Just a few more pics to see the details a bit better (I am not the best photographer)

I decided the next day that the card needed something else and added some flat backed pearls to the opposite corners.  Sorry no full picture as my camera died on me and the card has now been sold...think I will do another one as I did enjoy making this one!

Final Picture!!

The other Card

I think I may be back in my Blue Phase!!

I hope that you enjoyed reading my step by step (I really hope you understand it too).  I have enjoyed sharing it with you all and would very much welcome your feedback.

I'm off to Edinburgh for the Ross Papercraft Show at Meadowbank on Saturday.  Determined to spend my husbands hard earned cash and get in a visit to my Daughter.  

Have a good weekend and Crafty Hugs to All !!!

p.s.  I would like to point out that the Calligraphy Work on my Parchment Design was from a template that I had in my stash. At the time of publishing this post I was not aware that it was in fact a piece of Calligraphy by the wonderful, talented Anne Quinn.  I would just like to give her the credit due for its design.  Click on her name and check out her site where you can see her work and learn more about her.
Thank you.
Emma xx

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