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Wednesday, 1 April 2015

Clarity Stamp Challenge April 2015

The theme of this months challenge is
Clarity Stamp has brought out 4 sets of Wee Folk stamps recently and Barbara Gray has very kindly given us ladies on the Challenge Design Team two of the Fairy Wee Folk Sets.  (Perfect Timing Barbara and thank you very much indeed) As soon as I had the stamps in my hand my first thought that came to mind was fairies at the bottom of the garden and the old photos that were taken by Elsie Wright and her cousin in 1917.  
So I decided to create a scene of my own using the FILM STRIP STENCIL and the Fairies to represent the photos.

The first thing  was to make a mask of the FILM STRIP.  I did this by inking up the STENCIL with Coffee Archival Ink Pad and a BRAYER, then putting it through an embossing machine, transferring the ink and the outline to a piece of paper. I cut out the holes for the sprockets with my craft knife before cutting around the outside of the mask.

inked stencil
stencil mask

I re-inked the STENCIL and placed it centred on an A4 sheet of  Super Smooth paper and put this through my BigShot. I cleaned the stencil using Nail Polish Remover.  I taped the FILM STRIP MASK over this 1st PRINT.  I re-inked the STENCIL again, placed it ink down OVER the MASK at an angle, Placed a piece of copy paper over the top and used a BRAYER to roll over adding pressure, thus transferring the ink to the 2nd PRINT.  I then repeated the process once again, leaving the FILM STRIP MASK in place and turning the actual STENCIL to a different angle to get a 3rd PRINT

The reason behind this - when you put the stencil through an embosser, it leaves the outline marks that you want,..but if you move it and put it back through the machine you would now have more outline marks but these would be crossing over what you have already embossed and that would ruin any scene that you want to create as you would end up with scored lines everywhere which would show up when stamping or brushing with ink.

Keeping the FILM STRIP MASK in place I set about stamping in my WEE FOLK.  As you can see from the picture I also made masks for them too. I used MOONLIGHT WHITE - ARCHIVAL BRILLIANCE INK to stamp my FAIRIES into place. (unfortunately the flash on my camera prevents you seeing the detail in the fairy wings). I lifted the FILM STRIP MASK, covered the FAIRIES with the post-it note MASKS, then taped the FILM STRIP MASK back in place over the center piece of FILM STRIP.

I used COFFEE ARCHIVAL INK, 1st and 2nd gen. Along with OLD PAPER and ANTIQUE LINEN - DISTRESS INKS to stamp the FLOWERS, TREE BRANCH and MUSHROOM also for the shading to give the 'aged' look.  I used more post-it notes to protect the other pieces of the  FILM STRIP.  I also made sure to stamp through the sprocket holes so that I would get the layered look.

All I did to create the 'photo's was just to simply move the STENCIL to the strip I was working on and protect the edges with the post-it notes and cover the next layer with a mask.

Once I had finished stamping and shading I then darkened the edges of each strip by using the edges of the Post-it notes either side of the straight lines and using a makeup sponge and the Coffee Archival I just dabbed until I got the effect I wanted.  (I used large Post-it notes from WH Smiths)

I used SLATE - ADIRONDACK to add shadow around the each of the FILM STRIPS. I also re-used the post-it notes once again to mask the strips so that I could stamp in the TREE BRANCH and the WORD STAMPS in the background.  Finally I used a CLARITY STENCIL BRUSH and COFFEE - ARCHIVAL INK to give a light shading to the background.

This piece will now be fixed onto the inside cover of an art journal that I have been asked to make for a Children's Illustrator. Mmmm, I think I will use the ELVES for the inside back cover!

Well I hope that you like it and that it gives you a little bit of inspiration. I also hope that it encourages you to take part in the Clarity Stamp Challenge this month too.  Pop in and check out all the lovely designs from the other ladies on the Design Team.

Challenge 26
Wee Folk
Stamping and stencilling must be with Clarity Stamps and Stencils
£50 Clarity Stamp gift voucher for the Winner

Best of luck to everyone

Happy Crafting

Emma xxx

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