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Friday, 1 May 2015

Clarity Stamp Challenge No. 27

Hi Crafty Folks! Ist of May today and it is time for another Clarity Stamp Challenge!!

The theme for Challenge 27 is: Clocks!

I am so looking forward to seeing what your take on this theme will be.  I have certainly had fun making my Design Sample and I hope that you all will have fun too, whatever you make.

I have decorated a box with the Clockwork Stencil along with Small Fob and SideView Fob Stamps from Claritystamp.  As per usual with moi! I have a step by step for you.  I hope you find it easy to follow, but if there are any questions please feel free to leave a comment and I will get back to you asap.

(I have placed a piece of black card under the lid to show the details on the glass for the photo)

So I began with this little number that I picked up in a sale at a garden centre.  Its paint was chipped and it was a bit grubby but I knew with some TLC that I could give it a new lease of life!

To recycle this box I gave it a light hand sanding on the outside and used a Stanley Blade to scrape off the paint on the glass lid. Cleaned with white spirit and polished glass with Kitchen Roll.
I Cut 2 lengths of Brown Suede to fit sides of Box Base plus 2 lengths at 1cm longer. I left an overhang at the bottom of ALL lengths of about 1cm. (the longer pieces are for the front and back - shorter pieces for the sides) Applying fabric to a box can give a luxurious feel and is very easy to do.

Start at the sides of the box.  Apply Glue (MOD PODGE) to flat surface then lay material gently on top, straighten out top edge, use a plastic scraper and working from middle GENTLY smooth outwards.  This will expel any wrinkles (wish it worked on faces lol). Tuck the Overhang underneath after applying some GLUE to the edge of the base. 

Leave to dry before doing exactly the same to the other side.  Once again do the same to the Front and Back only this time CENTER the Suede in the Middle so you have an overhang along bottom and both ends.  Use a Brush to apply more GLUE for the overhangs.  Any Excess GLUE can be wiped away with a damp cloth.

Tape STENCIL in place on inside of lid (cover rest of box with sheets of newspaper or copy paper - worktop too)  SPRAY on Humbrol White GLASS ETCH.  It dries in minutes so build up the layers to get the depth you want.  Remove STENCIL and clean with White Spirit.
Use Double Sided Strong Tape to make a border with GILDING FLAKES. Use either a Wood Stain or a Permanent Ink to Colour Rest of Lid.  I used Archival Coffee Ink.

For the outside of the lid  Cut 4 strips of Suede effect Paper. Leave an overhang the depth of the lid. Apply Glue to top and edge then apply paper (same as for the suede), crossing paper over at corners. Before Dry use a Craft Knife to cut a Mitre Corner, cutting through both layers on the diagonal.

Use Double Sided Tape to apply GILDING FLAKES to the Center Groove.  Neaten up any excess paper at corners and fit a METAL CORNER for protection.  Turn Box over and cover Base with either a Square of Card or a Square of Material to neaten.  Once Dry Attach METAL FEET with Silicon Glue and Small Pins.
To finish randomly stamp the two FOB WATCHES with Archival Coffee Ink onto the lid.

To make the cushioning for the real fob watches use a Square Die to cut 18 Foam Squares (use 1 inch thick Foam).  Take 9 of the squares and cut out a center using a Circle Die.  Remove the inner circle (can be used for something else crafty) The foam will pop back into shape and if it doesn't give the edges a little flick and this will get it moving. Using a Glue Gun attach the WHOLE squares into each compartment..a single blob will do

Cut 9 Squares of White Satin. Attach the outer edges of the HOLED Square to the edge of the Satin with Glue Gun.  Then Glue the corners of the satin to the UNDERSIDE of the Sponge.  Turn over, Glue into place.  Gently poke the Satin in the middle.  Place the Chains for the Fob Watches (or whatever you want to collect) in middle and sit Watches on top.  And that's all Folks!  One Design Sample and one Present for my Husband for some of his watch collection! I will have to look out for a similar box for the rest of it!!

I hope you all like this and it gives you a bit of inspiration.  
I also hope you will take part in the Clarity Stamp Challenge and I look forward to seeing your wonderful entries

To Enter, See The Rules and to have a look at all the other Design Team Samples go to:

Remember there is a £50 Clarity Stamp Gift Voucher up for grabs to the lucky winner.

Best of luck!!

Emma xx

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