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Saturday, 1 August 2015

Groovi Week !!!

Hi Folks!  Since Barbara Gray is having a Groovi Week over at Claritystamp HQ starting today, I thought I would pass on a few tips on edging your Parchment.  Have a look at her Blog to see more!

Here I have placed one of the Groovi Border Plates onto the Mat that comes in the Starter Kit.  I have taped the Border Plate to the Hard side of the mat.  Notice the 5 designs...all of them follow a straight line...handy!

One of the simplest Borders to do is the Double Straight Lines.  I cut my Parchment into a square then taped it to the Border Plate. I simply embossed the double lines from one edge to the other and repeated it around the square.  This gave me the initial framework for the rest of the card design.

Once I had embossed and coloured the main design I went back to the Border Plate and added a line of Dots around the frame.

I then went in with a Two Needle Tool and cut the excess away using my Parchment Scissors. When using these Scissors just place the tip of the points into the holes, turn your wrist towards you slightly and THEN snip.  This was then mounted onto backing sheet and card using Brads through the little corner square made by the lines crossing over.

For the next edging I have used the other Border Groovi Plate that comes with the Groovi Plate Mate. I embossed the Single Line to make a square for my design, and then I used the scallop edge. Now the tip for this is NOT to start at one end of your square (unless your line fits exactly), but to center the scallops evenly along your embossed line.  Do this for all 4 lines.  THEN go to the corners and emboss a single scallop. you can see from the photo how I have placed the Parchment onto the Border Groovi Plate.

I then went on to  use a Two Needle Tool to pierce inside and outside the Scallops which were then cut out with Parchment Scissors leaving a lovely delicate edging.  I embossed the corner Scallop and placed a bit of double sided Foam Pad for attaching to the card.

For this Edging I used the Single line again only this time I used it Twice.  I embossed one line first, left a space for piercing and then embossed the line again.  I then pierced a double line using a Two Needle Tool and a Grid.

I used a Ruler and a craft knife to cut as near the outside line as possible.  I then attached the slimmest Red Double Sided Tape to the back of the design.   Once this was mounted onto the backing sheet the tape did not show through due to the embossed lines and the whiteness the piercing made.

This edging was very straight forward. I simply used the Double Score Line from the first Border Groovi Plate at the top of the Page.  I coloured between the lines to match the backing sheet.  I pierced around the edge of the Parchment Design and cut with Parchment Scissors.  I then Pierced a hole in the cross over in the corners so that I could mount the design onto card with a Brad.

Well thats all from me today as I am off to Edinburgh in the morning to help my daughter get ready for an exhibition (and to get a bit crafty with her too).  My Groovi Plates will be coming with me too.

Pop on over to the Claritystamp Website to see the fabulous offer that Barbara Gray has put on for us.

Happy Crafting!!


Emma xx