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Tuesday, 18 June 2013

Playing around

Hello folks!  I have a few days in between card making and getting on with some artwork that I have to do, so I decided to have a little tidy up in the craft room and in the process found my Perspex Riser...I keep losing it as it is see-through.  So I decided to do something about that.
I used Black Adirondack ink pad (it looks blue on the acrylic) along with my Clarity Stamp Large Landscape.  I placed the Riser on its side over the edge of my table and put a sheet of copy paper between the table and riser to help me see where I was stamping.  I stamped the same image on both sides only as I need to keep the top clear.

I then took my Small Birch Leaf down both edges of one side of the Riser and the Small Cherry Blossom (both the Birch and cherry Blossom are from the Split Tree Set are from Clarity Stamp) down the other edges on the other side. I then glued a Dragonfly to the outside of one side (and when I get my Clarity butterfly I will do the same to the other side).

The Dragonfly from Clarity Stamp was made by stamping on to shrink plastic and leaving to dry before cutting out as close to the line art then using my heat gun to shrink it.

So now hopefully I wont loose it amongst my craft stash!

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