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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Crafty Lesson

Hello Folks,  Been a While.  I have been enjoying the sunshine for a week, no crafting at all.  (The sun doesn't shine as much as it should here in Scotland and after all the rain we had been having I took advantage of the break).  So now that the rain is back I can get on with making cards.
To kick start me off again I received a text message request from a 10 year old girl wanting to make a card for her teacher and she preferred to use my craft stash rather than her mother's.  Not complaining as I love to show off all my lovely stamps etc.  In the end it ended up becoming a two hour crafting lesson and we both had fun!  I am in no way a teacher but I have given a few lesson in drawing and painting very early on in my life and more recently along with a friend have been giving a few lessons in card making to our local Girl Guides which I enjoyed immensely.  So with the permission of her mother I would like to share a few pics of Lauren and her craft lesson.  

I let Lauren choose her stamps first then she chose the ink colours that she wanted to use.  She also chose to use embossing powder (she does like the heatgun). So I had her cut a sheet of A4 white thin card in half (she knew that if one went wrong she had the other half to play with).  I had her de-tacking stencil tape, putting it around the edge of her card to make a frame. She mounted the stamps that she wanted to use onto two different types of acrylic blocks and after I showed her how to use them and with a little guidance from me about her composition off she went.  I did a quick swish with my anti-static bag on her card and she stamped her message then the Rod, then sprinkled the pale pink meltdust.  With my heat mat underneath the card off went the heat gun.  She used a die to cut out a frame to cover the message and a previously cut circle for the moon.  It was all go from there, inking and stamping and cleaning. (lauren and her mum washed all the stamps that were used including the brayer and my splodge mat....brill!....I didn't even make the cuppas...her mum did that...they even put all the stamps back on my acetate sheets in the correct sets too!!! Just Loved That)  We covered stamping, heat embossing, masking, shading with sponges, brayering and of course looking after your stamps.

This is little old crafty me showing her how to hold the brayer and I think you can tell she enjoyed using it and the effect that you can get with it.  (check out the two pairs of spectacles...never go anywhere without them and one pair is good for keeping the hair out of my eyes)

Here is Lauren with her finished card.  She was a very good pupil and listened to everything I told her and she should be very proud of herself and I hope her teacher loved the card (how could she not after all the care that Lauren put into it). 
Lauren is very arty and is always drawing and has a little craft stash of her own and for being such a good pupil I gave her a little angel stamp to add to it.

This is the finished card  
Lauren chose mainly Clarity Stamp stamps and she used Pearlescent Crimson Archival and Pink Sherbet Adirondack inks and pale pink Meltdust

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