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Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Moon Fairy Dreams

Hi Folks!  Hope you are all well out there.  What a busy couple of weeks it has been for me and once again I forgot to post my Blog...slap on hand.  So over the next couple of days I WILL post a few more cards that have been made recently.

Today's contribution was made using the Moon fairy stamp from Clarity Stamp (my fav) along with the verse May all Your Dreams Come True, which is of course another Clarity Stamp.

To begin I stamped in clear versamark both stamps onto White Clarity Coated A5 Card.  I had laid a border around the card using masking tape and I also put a piece over the card to separate the picture from the words.

I laid a mask over the moon fairy ( supplied by Clarity Stamp) then with Chipped Sapphire Distress Ink, loaded onto my brayer and blending it on my splodge mat. I worked on the top part first (covering the bottom half with copy paper). Then I did the same for the word area.  I did this as I wanted to shade in the corners a bit more for each area.

I removed the masking tape and disaster struck!  I had obviously not de-tacked the masking tape enough and it tore away the coating on the border so I had no choice but to trim it back taking out the white border altogether.   I still had the centre piece to do.  So taking an Indigo Blue Pro Marker pen I coloured a length of white gauze ribbon and with a piece of foil and a die I cut out a buckle and of course you can see from the photo I threaded the ribbon through (I did have to fold it a bit first).  I attached this at the back of the card with double sided tape.

I attached a piece of pale blue mottled backing paper and used a perfect layer ruler to trim to give me a bit of a border.  I then attached this to a white card blank.  I gave the card a bit of a polish and then I went over the moon fairy and words with a versamark pen and dusted on some Perfect Pearls  ( I did the talcum powder bit first) gave it another bit of a polish.  Finally I added stars with a fine white micron pen.

All I can say is thank you to the people who invented paper trimmers.  Certainly came in handy on this card!

I could probably do a tutorial on what not to do and if you do, how to get out of it...plenty of practise.

Happy crafting everyone!

Hugs Emma x