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Tuesday, 6 May 2014

Butterfly Montage

Hi folks!  Hope you are all well out there in Craft Land.  I am keeping busy myself.  Two family birthdays next week, one being my husbands 50th...he is catching up with me!  The other being my youngest daughter's 26th.  I have hubby's card in hand and I am just about to make my daughters but I thought that I would get this post done of a last minute card that I was asked to do ( someone forgot to get his wife a card and went off to work...just as well he knew about me as the poor man was working till way past shop closing and his wife was coming to pick him up).

So with only a little time at my disposal I decided to use a very lovely stamp from Clarity Stamp, the Butterfly Montage.  This is it stamped just in Archival Plum on white paper. (poor lighting)

I decided to stamp onto Pale Peach Parchment (the kind used for letter writing)  It has a lovely mottled effect.  I cut out a square from the parchment, taped the edges up with masking tape and then I stamped the Montage in Archival Plum. With my Clarity Stamp Stencil Brush I shaded around the outside edges (I covered the top end of the butterfly wing that sticks out over the edge as I wanted the Peach colouring to show through.

I removed the masking tape and stamped the Happy Birthday flourish on to the parchment. I used a
Brilliance Ink Pad - Pearlescent Crimson

(This stamp comes set at this angle)

Next step was to outline my Square and to add some detail to the butterfly. I used a Sharpie Pen - Berry for the edge and a Marvy Le Plume II - Cherry for the butterfly.  I laid my work out on my blank card and decided it was best at an angle but still a bit sparse.

So out came my Heat Resistant Acetate, Brilliance Ink Pad Pearlescent Crimson, Clear Embossing Powder and heat gun.  I stamped my Large Butterfly - which goes with the Montage - dusted my powder, used heat gun to set it and then cut out the butterfly.  I put a kink at base of each wing, attached it to the Montage with Clear Glue.

This still wasn't enough for me so I added the Small Leafy Swirl using  Brilliance Ink Pad Pearlescent Crimson to two corners and then set my Parchment back on its angle and attached with double sided tape onto an 8 x 8 inch cream satin card blank.

I could have also ran an edge along the shaded part to make it look like another layer but I didn't want to mess things up at this late stage.  I stamped the Leafy Swirls, "blotting before plotting" in the same position on the insert leaving space for the man to write his own message.

Glad to say his wife was very happy with the card...the excuse for her not getting it earlier - he was asking the staff he works with to sign the card too!

Hope you like it too.  

Happy Crafting

Emma xx

P.S.  I have just noticed that the Peach Parchment now looks Pink but on its own it is Peach...has to be the way I take photos. x

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