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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mahogany Monochrome

Hi Folks !  Well another 'little' post from me.  This time it is another of my pictures.  I have made this for my Hubby's up and coming 50 th (so don't tell him ).  I am also going to enter this into the Clarity Stamp Challenge, Monochrome.  I am a bit late in posting this (so what's new ) as I not only did the picture but I have stained and waxed the pine frame to co-ordinate.  The frame was a very pale pine and as the colour of the ink I used for the picture is Ranger Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany, it took me  a while to get the shade right and then I had to wax it a few times after that.

So on with the show and tell!  I cut a piece of canvas 51 x 21 cm and taped up the edges with masking tape. I took two pieces of copy paper, joined them together. I cut along the length of this to get the shape for my hills.  I put in a moon mask over to the right of the picture and then added a bit of a sky with my large Clarity Stencil Brush and my chosen colour which as I mentioned above was Aged Mahogany. I used another roughly torn piece of paper and a make-up sponge to add a horizon and to add shading for the hills.

Designed by Emma Burns, Handmade in Scotland,

I chose my stamps all from Clarity stamp ( as them's the rules)- Split Tree, Mini Pear Tree, Large Birch Leaf, Small Birch Leafsmall leaf (used for grasses), Grasses 2, Grasses 3 and Tree ( used for hedgerows ) and finally Pointillism Stamp ( used for added ground texture)

I stamped the bare split trees and then stamped them with the Small Beech Leaf.  Next was the Mini Pear Tree.  I took the edge of a tree stamp to make my hedgerows (where we are living now they are everywhere...only the real ones are so very neatly trimmed. )  I then added shading and the grasses around the two trees.  I added the tall grasses 2 and 3 to the bottom.  Next the Large Beech Leaves to the top corners of the picture.  I decided to add some more shading with my trusty make-up sponge and Clarity Stencil Brushes

Designed by Emma Burns, Handmade in Scotland,

So all that was left was for me to put the picture in the frame and take some photos...well guess who had a day off work. Yep that's right Hubby.  And guess who wanted to sit out in the sun. Yep Hubby.  In the end I sent him to the local shop just so that I could get a picture in good light which in itself brought problems of trying not to get a reflection of myself in the picture.  Oh well done now!

Hope you like it !  

Congratulations to Jane Morris for winning the Flower Power Challenge.  Congratulations to the other Top 5 Picks too.  Barbara Lancaster, Shelagh Metselaar, Lynne Bishop and Andy Duggan.  Very well deserved and I feel very honoured to be among you. (also happy to get another Top 5 button for my Blog )xxxx 

Happy crafting. 

Emma xxx

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