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Tuesday, 29 April 2014

Mahogany Monochrome

Hi Folks !  Well another 'little' post from me.  This time it is another of my pictures.  I have made this for my Hubby's up and coming 50 th (so don't tell him ).  I am also going to enter this into the Clarity Stamp Challenge, Monochrome.  I am a bit late in posting this (so what's new ) as I not only did the picture but I have stained and waxed the pine frame to co-ordinate.  The frame was a very pale pine and as the colour of the ink I used for the picture is Ranger Distress Ink - Aged Mahogany, it took me  a while to get the shade right and then I had to wax it a few times after that.

So on with the show and tell!  I cut a piece of canvas 51 x 21 cm and taped up the edges with masking tape. I took two pieces of copy paper, joined them together. I cut along the length of this to get the shape for my hills.  I put in a moon mask over to the right of the picture and then added a bit of a sky with my large Clarity Stencil Brush and my chosen colour which as I mentioned above was Aged Mahogany. I used another roughly torn piece of paper and a make-up sponge to add a horizon and to add shading for the hills.

Designed by Emma Burns, Handmade in Scotland, http://emmburns.blogspot.co.uk/

I chose my stamps all from Clarity stamp ( as them's the rules)- Split Tree, Mini Pear Tree, Large Birch Leaf, Small Birch Leafsmall leaf (used for grasses), Grasses 2, Grasses 3 and Tree ( used for hedgerows ) and finally Pointillism Stamp ( used for added ground texture)

I stamped the bare split trees and then stamped them with the Small Beech Leaf.  Next was the Mini Pear Tree.  I took the edge of a tree stamp to make my hedgerows (where we are living now they are everywhere...only the real ones are so very neatly trimmed. )  I then added shading and the grasses around the two trees.  I added the tall grasses 2 and 3 to the bottom.  Next the Large Beech Leaves to the top corners of the picture.  I decided to add some more shading with my trusty make-up sponge and Clarity Stencil Brushes

Designed by Emma Burns, Handmade in Scotland, http://emmburns.blogspot.co.uk/

So all that was left was for me to put the picture in the frame and take some photos...well guess who had a day off work. Yep that's right Hubby.  And guess who wanted to sit out in the sun. Yep Hubby.  In the end I sent him to the local shop just so that I could get a picture in good light which in itself brought problems of trying not to get a reflection of myself in the picture.  Oh well done now!

Hope you like it !  

Congratulations to Jane Morris for winning the Flower Power Challenge.  Congratulations to the other Top 5 Picks too.  Barbara Lancaster, Shelagh Metselaar, Lynne Bishop and Andy Duggan.  Very well deserved and I feel very honoured to be among you. (also happy to get another Top 5 button for my Blog )xxxx 

Happy crafting. 

Emma xxx