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Friday, 19 December 2014

I think everyone may get a Jumper for Christmas!!

Hi Folks!  Hope you are all well and have everything in hand for Christmas!  I keep thinking I am sorted but then I get distracted and my schedule goes to pot.  What have I been distracted with......
It's this new stamp set......Christmas Jumper from Clarity Stamp......I can't seem to put it down, having so much fun with it!

Today I was all set to mount some images that I had made and get them posted, I was only having a small coffee break when another idea for the Jumper Set came to me and that was it, back to craft room to Play instead of keeping to the plan!

My idea for the Jumper Set was to make a card look as though the Jumper was gift wrapped!

So I got Shrink Plastic and 3 colours of Archival ink.  Stamped twice for each colour (A4 sheet).  I cut out the jumpers one at a time with a craft of course you will be saying Duh! does she think were stupid!...NO I do not, I just have a tip to pass on (could have just written Top Tip I here you say).

Before I cut each jumper out, I attached a small bit of masking tape to a corner so that once the jumper is free of the sheet you can pick it up by the tape to move it (just in case ink not dry).  Then if you are doing a batch you can attach your jumpers to a door or wall until you need (or have space to work on them)

I used the mini stamps from the set on some of the jumpers but I also did one with a mini Snowman and one with the NDC stamp for December 2014 STAG.  I did have to mask of the sleeves of the jumper to fit him in.

I did only loose one jumper to the ravages of the heat gun...I just couldn't get it unstuck! and I thought that it was the best one!

After I had shrunk the Jumper using my heat gun I gave it a quick spray of Iridescent Varnish.  I attached the Jumper to a square of Hand made tissue.  (I folded in the corners to put in some creases). I then attached this to a piece of Red Tartan paper (on the underside).  Layered again with White Satin Card and more Red Tartan (Top Tip...put ribbon behind first layer of Red Tartan BEFORE doing the rest of the layers - how do I know that this is important.  lol. The final layer being an 8 x 8 card blank.
To bring a bit of sparkle to the design I added some Gold edged Peel-offs.  I the got a little price tag and stamped a small Snowflake in 3rd generation ink ( Meadow), wrote To: and From: in Poppy Promarker. (I used the pen to colour the white string of the price tag.  I made a bow, curled the papers and attached the embellishments with silicone glue.  By this time the lighting was terrible and the Red is really Red so maybe that was a good thing!

Now all that was left was to make a tiny roll of Sellotape and add to card.  Stamp Inside with my Bespoke Christmas stamps.  Put away the envelope that came with the card (as I need to make a box for it now). Make Box. Take photos. Do Blog Post.

All the stamps used are from Clarity Stamp Ltd.

The NDC stamp is from Clarity Stamp too.  It is the free stamp for this month for New-Design-Club Members.

I hope you like this.  Please feel free to leave a comment, I read and appreciate everyone of them and I do my utmost to respond as soon as I am able.

Christmas hugs to all

Emma x

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