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Wednesday, 17 December 2014

Winter Warmers Galore!

Hi again Folks!  So as I have been busy what with Christmas shopping, Cleaning House, Wrapping Presents etc.   I decided to have a break and catch up on some of my favourite crafters and their Blogs! The first one that I caught up with was Barbara Gray.  (Sorry ladies I didn't get around to looking at anyone else's yet...I got distracted).

Lo and Behold Barbara had Posted about The Christmas Jumper Set!  But not only that....Barbara had done her YouTube video that she does every Tuesday.  So being a fan I checked it out....I felt so silly.
I fiddled about with Post-it Notes for my Jumpers in my two previous posts and then I saw what Barbara did and I am glad that no-one was around to hear what I said to myself!!!!
You have a choice now! You can either read on or you can go to Barbara's Blog by clicking on  LINK or you can go direct to YouTube and search for Claritystamp Christmas Jumper and all will become clear.
So for this post I am going to copy what Barbara Gray did for her YouTube Tuesday!

This time I have stamped onto two different materials, a cotton and a webbing and backed with double sided sticky sheets.  Now just to show you that I am obviously not firing on all cylinders the photo on the left is a bit squint! Reason...I stamped this one out then attached it to the double sided sheet. Much better to attach your material to the sticky sheet first!  Never mind, I did manage to salvage it.  (I have taped them down to stop them slipping around)

What Barbara did instead of messing about with Post-it notes making makeshift masks, was to cut up the Jumper Mask into its parts to isolate them.  These masks that are produced by Clarity Stamp are tacky so that they will stick to any surface.  (they need a little bit of de-tacking before first use but after that you are sailing as they do not tear your project and can be used time and time again)

outer part
inner part

in bits!

Now why didn't I think of that!


So I set about stamping in my pattern.  (I did make a mini post -it note mask for the stag....Barbara did this too).  I then proceeded to follow her example.

Now I am not going to show you the finished card as yet because I will be posting it out to someone for this Christmas but below is what came about by me watching Barbara Gray.

I decided to do two jumpers as you can see and I will be following Barbara's example and mount them on card and then onto Hessian.

colours used

If you look at my post of the 10th December Winter Warmer you will get the details of the Christmas Jumper set or you can go from the link of Barbara's Blog (even better as she has reduced the price of them).  Remember  The Jumper itself can be stamped with any small stamp not just the Christmas stamps.

And I have one more bit of advice...when stamping onto material, check the grain.  The reason my first one went squint was because I didn't check which way the weave was going.

If I had only thought about it a bit I could have had the effect of knitted rows!

Give this a go.  I think it is very effective.  Thank you very much Barbara Gray for sharing.

Hugs to all.

Emma xx