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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Parchment Card

Simple Parchment

This card is a very simple design and very easy to make. The design used is the copyright of Sue McGuirk which I obtained from the Parchment Craft magazine, issue January 2012.   It makes a lovely little Tri-Fold card with a difference.  I used White Parchment for the outer wrap and a dark lilac for the inner card and added a little parchment butterfly.

This card is easy to adapt to your own design. 

Being a Tri- Fold card it is also of centre so you can have the design opening to the left or the right of the card.

The tools I used were:
White Lead Pencil
small, medium & large Ball.
Two Needle tool.
Foam Mat for piercing.
Embossing Mat.

First I traced the design from the Mag onto my outer piece of parchment using my white lead pencil.  Then with my small ball tool I went over the design again. 

Working on the back of the design with my large to small ball tool I worked the parchment using small even strokes.

I used my two needle tool to pierce around the curves.

I folded the inner dark lilac piece to match the fold in the outer piece and pierced through both pieces along the floral part of the design, which I then cut out with my parchment scissors.

Once you have decided on which way you would like to fold the card you could add a sentiment or another embellishment to suit.

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