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Thursday, 16 May 2013

Timepiece Birthday card

This Birthday Card was made for my husbands birthday today. He likes Fob Watches so the stamps that I used were ideal.  (both were free gifts from a craft mag) I also used a Frame stamp that I picked up at a car boot sale a few years back.
To make the frame I used Theuva Card from Clarity Stamp, two post-it notes, glaze, Black Archival ink and a Happy Birthday stamp.  I stamped the frame onto the post-it notes then cut one around the inside edge (Mask 1) and the other around the outside edge (Mask 2)  I Stamped the Happy Birthday onto Theuva Card then I stamped the Frame around this.  I covered the inside with Mask 1. I then dabbed around the edge of the frame with Old Paper Distress Ink using a makeup sponge. I removed the mask and used what ink was left on the sponge to lightly distress the inside panel of the frame.  After this I cut around the frame then I glazed the edge and left it to dry.

Timepiece by Emma Burns
 Using more Theuva Card, I taped up the edges with stencil tape, stamped the frame and then covered it with mask 2.  Following this, I randomly stamped the fob watches with Black archival Ink. Making use of my splodge mat, brayer and Antique Linen Distress Ink I took the whiteness away from the card and then used a makeup sponge to make it more distressed in the corners and edges.  I used Old Paper Distress Ink and a makeup sponge to create a shadow around the frame by dabbing my sponge into the ink, dabbing the excess off on copy paper then dabbing along the edge of the covered frame.

Items used
I removed Mask 2 then I threaded the metal clock on to Black Satin ribbon which I then attached to the front, taping the ends on the back.  This I then matted on to black shiny card trimmed to 1/2 cm wider than the main picture. Which I then attached to White Satin Card.

Once the Glaze was dry on the frame I attached it to the card with foam pads.  And to stop the metal watch from moving I ran a bit of double sided tape from my mouse on the back of it.

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