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Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Quick Fix for Decoupage

Hi Folks!  Most of you will have done all your Christmas shopping and finished of all your Christmas cards and I bet you are feeling quite happy about that.  Well I have to say that I am rather jealous of you all.  As I have been suffering from the flue over the past few weeks I am still playing catch-up with all of my Christmas chores ( not nice making cards when you can't stop coughing and sneezing) and to top that off I am having to move house.  ( I have until the end of January to find a new home as the current home has been sold).

So as it stands I have still to make about 35 cards and shop for presents for about ten more people and get everything delivered before Christmas...glad I don't have to worry about Christmas dinner as my husband takes care of that, I haven't cooked a Christmas dinner in 29 years!

Well the panic is starting to settle in and there is no sign of Santa's Little Helpers so I will just have to get my head down.  Try for no distractions...turning phone off and not answering door... as for the presents, that will have to be a last minute dash which I hate to do but I have no choice.  I did go for a little walk with my son to clear my head, but I was so tired that I fell asleep at 4.30 today and didn't wake up until after 9pm.

I did get to feed the Wild Boars and the Goat today so it wasn't a complete failure.
 I have been crafting (playing) but not really getting anywhere.  Being ill has affected my mojo.  I did come up with a clever little fix for a decoupage card that I am making and I thought that after I had done with my rant I would post about it.  So here goes......
One of the problems about cutting out is that some of the finer bits don't come out as you would like. For instance -the tassel / fringe at the end of a scarf. My solution to this problem is to cut the offending article off completely then take some WHITE cotton thread and wrap it around a pencil a few times (for a thicker look use embroidery thread).

Take a Pro-Marker of the colour that matches your design and colour the thread and leave to dry for a few minutes.

Roll the thread off the pencil and cut at one end (as the thread will be in a loop).  Now all you have to do is to turn your piece over and stick down the thread to the back with some craft glue ( tape doesn't really work as you have to make sure that all the thread is going to stay in place).  Leave to dry and you are left with a soft fringe / tassel

So now that that is done I can get on with making the card up...just got a background to finish for this one and also to finish layering up the little guy then mount him on a card and do an insert and make an envelope and get him handed out...only 34 more after that!

Can you guess what my new year resolution is going to be?

Yup, make at least 5 Christmas cards a month, every month.  Or maybe I should just go for one design and copy that for everyone.....nah couldn't do that, I would rather give up!

Hugs to all xx