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Saturday, 28 December 2013

White Christmas with Poinsettias

I will warn you all  now, that this post is likely to be a long winded one even though it was very simple to make the following's obviously in the way I tell it.

I was given a last minute order for 25 cards (hubby at his best) just before Christmas.  So breaking my own goal as to not make more than one of the same card I relinquished a bit due to time constraints.

I Have kept the design as simple as I could.  I began with a plain white A4 card, folded this in half and embossed the whole of one side with my dotty embossing folder.  I cut a length of Silver Glitter Paper Ribbon and attached this to the front of the card.  I then put a piece of White Pearl Card through my bigshot in a thin strip embossing folder, trimmed it so when attached it would leave a small silver border.

I attached a Metallic Leafy Swirl embellishment  from my stash ( I had made these a little while ago...this one from a coke can).  I then set about making a Poinsettia using my Marianne dies.  I cut out one large and two small petal rounds and I also cut out the stamen in white Vellum.  I cut a further round of petals in Pale green Vellum to cut up for leaves.  I smooched the petals with a Tumble Dryer Sheet then embossed the veins with a small ball tool. I also embossed the edges of the petals too.

I then glued three layers together with Perga Glue, glued in the stamens ( I had embossed just the tips) then added a Flat Backed Pearl to the middle.  Once dry I attached the flower to the card over the ribbon.  I cut the Pale Green Vellum so that I would have one single leaf and one double leaf (leaving two leaves left over for the next flower).  I once again used Perga Glue to the leaves and pushed them under the flower.  I attached a plain insert of Super smooth Paper.  That was the first one done.

close up of vellum poinsettia

So I set about Die cutting more Vellum Poinsettias and raiding my stash for all my Metallic Leafy Swirls and cutting Ribbon, embossing the Christmas Words Panel and embossing the dots.

I was getting a bit tired with repeating it all and I made a mistake while embossing the actual cards so I changed tactics and cut out rectangles  with my guillotine to emboss the dots.  I also changed the sizes of the Leafy Swirls (I hadn't cut 25 of the same size).  I even Die Cut a few Pale Green Vellum ones.  As a final little touch I used Holographic Peel Offs around the edge of the dotty embossed card.

coke can die cut

foil from Coffee Packaging
Large Vellum Die Cut
Small Vellum Die Cut

This last version was made using a sheet of sticky back green glitter.  I put a strip of white Vellum through the bigshot with the Christmas words folder.  Attached a pale green satinised ribbon behind it (it shows through).  I also used a pale green Flat Backed Pearl.

So I ended up with quite a few versions and I am very happy to report that they went down extremely well.  These of course were for the 'girls' and I ended up having to make other cards for the 'boys'.....they do say that there is no rest for the wicked!


Emma x


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